Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson, two of Hollywood’s hottest couples, have taken over Hollywood with their adorable romance since 2021. From Darius’ affectionate social media posts to Keke revealing her baby bump on Saturday Night Live – their romance remains both endearing and intriguing!

Are Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson Still Together?
Yes. Their relationship seems to have deepened over the past year as evidenced by Darius’s social media posts wherein he affectionately addressed Keke as both partner and mother in one post, cementing their commitment. But fans remain curious as Darius made references to “wife”, leading some fans to speculate if perhaps these two have secretly tied the knot without making official announcement.

Controversy Surrounding Darius as “Man of the Family”
Although Keke still does not wear an engagement ring, Darius’ reference to himself as “the man of the family” caused much speculation on social media regarding their relationship status. Fans took this opportunity to voice their confusion and express curiosity for more clarity regarding this situation.

Keke and Darius recently welcomed Leodis Andrellton Jackson into the world in February 2023, following much trepidation about sharing details of their private lives publicly. But this eventful occasion couldn’t go unsaid!

Keke Announces Her Pregnancy on Twitter

Keke first revealed her pregnancy during her hosting stint on Saturday Night Live in December 2022, where she addressed the swirling rumors by proudly showing off her baby bump and speaking of how online gossip often proves accurate and how damaging rumors may be to one’s life.

Keke Palmer is an award-winning American actress, singer, and television personality. Born August 26 in Harvey Illinois on August 26 1993 she quickly made waves in entertainment circles for her roles in films such as Akeelah and the Bee (2006) where she first gained notoriety for her performances.

Keke has gone on to star in multiple films and television shows since her breakout performance, including Nickelodeon’s True Jackson Vs VP as True Jackson himself and Fox horror-comedy series Scream Queens where she plays Zayday Williams – two roles which remain highlights in Keke’s resume today.

As a singer, Keke has released two studio albums and collaborated with artists like Jeremih, Ty Dolla $ign, and Queen Latifah. Additionally, she published “I Don’t Belong to You: Quiet the Noise and Find Your Voice” in 2017.

Keke has distinguished herself among entertainment icons for her tireless advocacy on various social issues relating to race equality and LGBTQ+ rights, mental health awareness-raising and raising. Additionally, she uses her platform as an advocate to make changes through activism.

Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson’s relationship is filled with both romance and intrigue, leaving fans guessing. Now that parenthood has taken hold and as they build a life together they continue to capture hearts and headlines alike – no doubt making headlines in the process! No matter their plans for marriage in the near future fans are eagerly watching how it all plays out.


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