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Yesterday, the verdict for the murder of Fernando Baez Sosa was handed down. Maximo Thomsen, one of five rugby players, was sentenced to life imprisonment

The court rendered its verdict at 1:00 p.m. Maximo Thomsen and Ciro Pertossi were sentenced to life imprisonment for the double aggravated murder of premeditated homicide. Ayrton Viollaz and Blas Cinalli were sentenced to 15 years imprisonment as secondary participants in the same crime.

Several personalities took to social media to voice their opinions on the ruling just minutes after it was announced. Luciana Salazar wrote, “May this be an example.” Cinthia Florandez was very involved in networks and was the first to speak up: “Taste Of Little 15 Years, Taste of Little” The panelist thought about the time spent in prison for the three rugbiers. Is it worth 15 years to live a normal life with all the possibilities? She added another tweet, along with a request to appeal.

Young man who is ‘playful and supportive’ with lots of friends.

Fernando’s parents, Silvino Baez (Graciela Sosa), have been together since the murder of their sons at Villa Gesell resort in Buenos Aires, 380 km from there. There has been a cry for justice. In the endless search for him, the Paraguayan family remembered him as a proud son who enjoyed his teenage years and made them proud.

“Fer was very friendly, playful, and helpful. Although he was shy, he had many friends. He made me proud when he went to school. Some moms also told me how educated he was. Sosa celebrated her first Mother’s Day in October 2020 without her son. She explained that Fernando is my everything, my life partner, and my teacher.

Virginia Perez Antonelli (21-year-old girl who performed CPR for Fernando Baez Sosa on the night of the fatal beating) posted a strong message on Twitter after receiving the verdict: “Cry Now, trash. “

The girl had posted a tweet hours before asking for justice for Fernando. “After three years of terror, Justice today has a crucial judgment in its hands. After so much torture, there must be a just sentence so that the family can feel a little bit of peace. It is now

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Perez attempted to give resuscitation maneuvers for the 18-year old after he was knocked to the ground by the blows. was a witness in the trial at the beginning of January. He recounted the events of the night of January 18, 2020.


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