Photographers have many options on social networks to increase exposure, build name recognition and drive traffic to their portfolio websites or blogs. They also have the opportunity to network with other photographers and connect with followers and fans.

Each social network is unique and each platform has its strengths and weaknesses. Not all platforms are suited for photographers. This article will help you identify the best social media networks that you can use to achieve your goals.

It is important that social networking platforms are used with a purpose. It’s not necessary to be everywhere. However, it is better to have a strong presence on one social networking site than a few. If you don’t take care of your social media accounts, you can spend a lot time on them. Make sure that you choose the right one(s) for you and use it with a purpose.

While you might be the best social media manager on the planet, with a flawless social strategy as well as a well-honed posting plan , that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are an expert at taking pictures. Perhaps you should look into free stock photography.

That’s okay! We aren’t blaming anyone! It’s impossible for us all to be perfect at everything. (For example, Grammy-winner Michael Buble does not know how to eat corn as a normal human.

Even if you have mastered how to take great Instagram photos, it is sometimes best to let the pros do the work. This is where stock photos are available for free.

Lucky for you, there are tons of beautiful, royalty-free and copyright-free photos on the internet waiting to be shared with your followers.

We’re proud to have gathered 38 (thirty-eight!) of the best stock photo websites. Here are some of our favorite free stock photo sites. If you are looking for images for commercial use that won’t cost you a dime but make your social media feeds look like a million dollars, then read on.

(Looking for stock video sites that are free? There are plenty of options.

Bonus: Download the free, always-updated social media image size cheatsheet This resource contains recommended photo dimensions for all types of images on every major network.

How do you know if a stock image is free for use

It’s important to understand what it means to be able to use a stock photo before you embark on a shopping spree.

Inadvertently sharing something you don’t have commercial rights to could be a violation of copyright law. This could have serious consequences for you and your brand.

Unfortunately, the defense of “I didn’t know” won’t work in court.

Look for clear descriptions on stock photo websites that allow commercial use, modification and commercial use, or have no copyright restrictions.

Everything licensed under Creative Commons or the public domain is also fair game.

If in doubt, always read the fine print.


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