Norway is a country that offers plenty of space, friendly people, and lots of things to do. Norway offers something for everyone, from skiing and polar bears to stunning fjords or mountains.

Many people avoid Norway when traveling Europe because it is too expensive. Although Norway isn’t a budget-friendly country, it’s one of the most beautiful countries on the planet, surpassing places like Iceland and New Zealand in terms of natural beauty.

The best part is that Norwegians are a wonderful people. Nearly everyone speaks fluent English, so it’s easy for you to navigate. And the beautiful fjords can be seen from anywhere.

Norwegians are passionate about nature and there are many free outdoor activities that will fill your day without breaking the bank. Wild camping is also available here, making it a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

This Norway travel guide will help you plan your trip and save money.

Kristian B. Jorgensen is chief executive of Fjord Norway. He said that the Norwegian Scenic Routes were a major game-changer for tourism in Norway and Fjord Norway. Fjord Norway is the official tourism board for the fjords. He said that the new attractions had inspired tourists from around the globe to visit the country, stay longer, and return again to enjoy more.

Norway had envisaged the 30-plus-year project to transform 18 Norwegian highways into cultural destinations after the project was approved in late 1990s.

Each stop will have a new observation deck, bridge or restaurant. These structures were designed by young architects and mainly Norwegians. There would also be installations by notable artists (like Louise Bourgeois, the French-American artist whose powerful memorial to women and men who were burned as witches during the 1600s). There have been 144 projects so far, and 46 more are on the horizon. Completion is expected by 2023.


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