Shelia Eddy was born September 28, 1995, in Blacksville, West Virginia. Raised as an only child by Tara Clendenen & Greg Eddy until their separation and subsequent divorce; Tara moved with Jim Clendenen from Illinois to California shortly before Shelia started attending University High School that month; marking an important turning point in her life.

Shelia Eddy and Rachel Shoaf of high school fame were accused of murdering Skylar Neese on July 6, 2012. This event sent shockwaves through West Virginia society. On September 4th 2013, West Virginia authorities increased public awareness when Shelia Eddy was named as an additional suspect for Skylar Neese’s killing.

Shelia was indicted by a grand juror on September 6, 2013, for kidnapping and first-degree murder charges, and entered a plea deal that included first-degree murder as one charge in her deal with prosecutors.

Discovery and Legal Proceedings
Police discovered Neese’s body in Wayne Township of Greene County in Pennsylvania on January 2013. A breakthrough came with Shoaf admitting her involvement and disclosing Shelia Eddy’s disturbing plan in December 2012; seven months later she led them directly to where Neese was discovered at.

Shelia plead guilty to first degree murder in January 2014. Her sentence of life imprisonment with parole eligibility being 15 years. Rachel Shoaf was found guilty of second-degree murder on May 1, 2013 and received a 30-year term with 10 year parole eligibility eligibility.

Shelia Eddy and Her Parents’ Defense
Tara Clendenen, Shelia’s mother, filed a motion with Monongalia County Circuit Court after Shelia Eddy’s murder to declare herself innocent of all responsibility and absolve herself from all blame. As a direct consequence of Shelia Eddy’s demise, Mary Neese took legal action against Rachel Shoaf and Shelia Eddy resulting in Mary Neese filing suit against both parties involved.

Tara maintained her innocence on account of not having control over Shelia during the night of Eddy Shoaf’s murder at Mary Neese’s residence, when Shelia went there after returning home after spending time at their own. Tara further made reference to statements made publically on social media by Mary Neese regarding Eddy and Tara being not at fault for Eddy’s actions as children of their parentage.

What happened and the current status
Shelia and Rachel Shoaf, co-defendants in this case, are currently serving their sentences at Lakin Correctional Center located in Mason County West Virginia.

Shelia Eddy Religion and Ethnicity mes Her life, including religion and ethnicity are constantly under scrutiny due to the high-profile nature of her case. Unfortunately for Shelia herself, less is known about her personal life than publically; as the only child of both of her parents with no siblings.


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