There has been a rise in niche perfume brands over the past few years. These niche perfume brands are known for their focus on quality and unique ingredients that create unique scents. A niche perfume brand is worth looking into if you are looking for something unique and special. These are the top four perfume brands to watch in 2023.

Maison Francis Kurkdjian

Maison Francis Kurkdjian, a French perfume house with high standards, creates some of most exquisite scents in the world. There are both men’s and woman’s scents available, and they all use the best ingredients. Maison Francis Kurkdjian is the most loved fragrance in the USA. It has rich, luxurious notes of vanilla, amber and oud.

Le Labo

Le Labo, a New York-based perfume company, hand-makes every product in small batches. There are a variety of unisex fragrances available from the brand, all made with high-quality ingredients. Santal 33 is Le Labo’s signature fragrance, which is woody and musky and a favorite of perfume lovers.


Diptyque, a French luxury brand, is most well-known for its candle line. The brand also offers a variety of beautiful perfumes made with natural ingredients. Tam Dao is Diptyque’s most loved fragrance. It features woody oriental notes and notes of cedar and sandalwood.

NuBe Green

NuBe Green perfumes are eco-friendly and made from sustainably sourced ingredients. There are both men’s and woman’s scents available from the brand, which is gender neutral. The most popular NuBe Green scent is Vetiver & Cedarwood. It’s a woody, earthy fragrance that has hints of citrus.

How to Wear Perfume

Select the right concentration

There are three types of concentrations: parfum, eau-de-poison, and eau-de toilette. It is important to consider how long the scent should last. Parfums last longer than eau de toilettes, but they are usually less expensive. We recommend that you test the fragrance on your skin first before making a decision.

Use It Correctly

After you have chosen the right scent, it is time to properly apply it. Start with clean, moisturized skin. Next, apply the perfume on your pulse points, which are your wrists, behind you ears and the crooks of your elbow. Then, let the perfume mix with your body odor to create a unique scent.

Make sure it is stored properly

Your perfume should be kept in a dark, cool place and away from heat sources or direct sunlight. Keep it out of direct sunlight and heat sources. The perfume will deteriorate quicker if the temperature fluctuates. These simple tips will help you get the best out of your perfume, and prolong its life.


It’s a great way boost your confidence and make you feel amazing. There are so many niche perfume brands that you can choose from. You can find something that is unique, sustainable or both. There’s bound to be a scent that catches your attention, and your nose, from any of these brands.