This post contains details on the viral Carlisha Hood Shooting Video which has been spreading across social media.

Do you know Carlisha’s story? You may have wondered why Carlisha is so popular. The incident that occurred in the United States shocked the world. Recently, a video of Carlisha being shot went viral on social media.

Millions of people have viewed the Carlisha hood Shooting video and want to learn more. This video raises concerns about the safety and security of an average citizen. This video has caused much controversy among internet users. If you are not familiar with this viral video, we recommend you to read the entire article.

What is the content of the viral shooting video Carlisha Hood?

The viral video shows Carlisha (35-year-old) entering Maxwell Street Express located at 11656 S Halsted Street in Chicago, Illinois. Carlisha Hood and her 14-year-old son were in the restaurant. Carlisha Hood and a male patron in the restaurant had a verbal fight after a few minutes.

According to a video that was viralized on Reddit, the man became aggressive. He punched Carlisha multiple times. The man continued to hit her face. This sudden incident triggered the son of Carlisha Hood. Hood’s son fired the man’s gun with his mother. Carlisha Hood’s son Carlisha shot at the man multiple times.

What became of that man?

A Twitter user called @HelloKennedi posted the Carlishahood and Son to the Internet. When the video went viral, it was revealed that the man in question is Jeremy Brown. Jeremy Brown is a 23-year-old Chicagoan native. Jeremy Brown’s name and age are not known.

Jeremy Brown was shot by the son Carlisha Hood. Jeremy Brown later died from gunshot wounds.

What have the police said? Carlisha Hood Chicago Illinois Videos?

Around 11pm, the police surveillance video shows Carlisha Hood and her son arriving at the restaurant in a blue Lincoln Nautilus. While Carlisha Hood entered the restaurant to place an order, her son was waiting near the car. After a few minutes, Jeremy Brown entered the restaurant and began to argue with Carlisha.

Police reported that Carlisha sent a message via text to her son during their argument. Tweet users claim that Carlisha had given her son a message to shoot Jeremy Brown. Chicago police confirmed this.

Why did Jeremy Brown Jeremy Brown and Carlishahood have a fight?

The cause of their verbal argument is unknown. Chicago police are trying determine the cause of this verbal fight. Chicago police will provide more details on this topic.

Did Carlishahood’s shooting go viral on Instagram

Instagram has become a viral video. Instagram was searched for videos or video information. This topic is covered by several videos and articles. Also, we searched for Carlisha Brown & Jeremy Brown via Instagram. We were unable, however, to find their Instagram accounts.

Where can I find the video?

The video is available on Twitter, Reddit YouTube and Instagram, among other social media platforms. Even though the video is no longer available, you can still see a few clips online.

What happened to Carlisha after the incident?

According to records in the jail, Carlisha, her son, and Chicago Police arrested them Wednesday, 21st June. The arrest took place in the 700 Block West 111th Street. The police also informed the media that Carlisha Hood has a valid CCL and FOID. Carlisha Hood, and her son, had no criminal record.

Some Tiktok videos revealed that Carlisha Hood was taken into custody by the police on Thursday, 22nd June. The bond for her arrest was $3 million. Carlisha Hood’s son was in the custody of Cook County Juvenile. Carlisha’s son was under Cook County Juvenile custody.

What was the reaction of ordinary people?

This viral video triggered a lot of people. Some blamed Carlisha Hood for provoking Jeremy Brown to shoot him. Many people supported Carlisha Hood’s immediate actions. After watching the video, many people think that Carlisha’s son who filmed it for Telgram made the right decision. Visit our “Social Media Sites Links” to see some of the comments from ordinary people.


The Carlisha Hood Shooting Video offended many people. Some people think it’s wrong for a 14-year-old to be encouraged to commit a criminal act. Some people are happy that Carlisha’s son was released. Some people believe Carlisha Hood acted in self-defense.


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