Jonah Hill, an Academy Award winning actor, and Sarah Brady, an esteemed law student were once widely-publicized as an engaging couple. We explore their timeline from its inception through to separation as well as any developments afterward.

Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady: Starting their Romance Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady began their romantic journey together in August 2021 and quickly rose to celebrity status within months. Confirming their romance at the premiere of “Don’t Look Up”, in December 2021 marked a one-year relationship for this couple.

Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady announced their separation in 2022, yet chose not to disclose any exact reasons or timing of this separation. Instead, both Jonah and Sarah Brady pledged that all details regarding their relationship, its development, and any reasons for its breakdown will remain private between themselves as well as family members involved.

Since his break-up with Jennifer Garner in 2022, Jonah Hill has found happiness with Olivia Millar. Their romance became public knowledge when they were photographed spending romantic moments together at Malibu beach.

Olivia Millar is Jonah Hill’s current romantic interest. They prefer keeping their romantic life private rather than sharing any details publicly online and thus adding mystery and intrigue around their love story.

Jonah Hill Welcomes a Child
Jonah Hill and Olivia Millar welcomed a baby into their lives on May 20, 2023 but have opted to maintain privacy by not divulging details like name or gender of their new arrival.

Final Thoughts
Sarah Brady and Jonah Hill’s relationship was one of the most publicized among celebrities during its entirety, yet both parties have moved forward with their lives post-breakup in different ways: Jonah maintains his romance with Olivia Millar while accepting his newly appointed parent responsibilities; Sarah chooses to keep her personal affairs under wraps following their split.


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