On May 30, 2023, we will mourn the passing of an iconic sports entertainer: Darren Adrian Drozdov (popularly known as Droz). Known for his talents as an American essayist and former professional wrestler. Droz has left behind an immense legacy.

Early Passion for Wrestling and Football Career Darren’s passion for wrestling started early in life and eventually propelled him into professional wrestling. While still playing professional football with both NFL and CFL franchises, Darren studied to become a Master Martial Artist (MMA).

Professional Wrestling: From Amateur to Professional After an initial career in football, Darren Drozdov made the leap into professional wrestling through World Wrestling Federation on May 25, 1998 when he made his Raw is War debut under his initial nickname of Puke from his football days. Over time he quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the most beloved professional wrestlers today.

On October 5, 1999, Drozdov’s active career as a wrestler came to a tragic end after suffering serious injuries during a WWF SmackDown Match at Nassau Coliseum on Long Island. He was immediately taken to a nearby hospital for surgery to stabilize him and try and get him walking again – this effort ultimately failed.

Quadriplegic Life Darren was paralyzed below the neck but managed to recover most of the use in his arms and upper body over time. Regardless, he kept an upbeat approach to life.

Contribution of Drozdov to WWE Outside the Ring Wrestling
Following his retirement as an athlete, Drozdov remained an integral member of WWE by writing articles and essays that appeared both on their website and magazine content.

Droz was an inspirational figure who demonstrated extraordinary perseverance during adversity. His words perfectly embody this determination: “Every day is another opportunity; I don’t care that I am wheelchair-bound or paralyzed – my life has just begun! Through hard work and determination, I have discovered new ways of living life beyond any physical restrictions or disabilities.”

Family Tributes to Darren
In a public statement released by WWE, his family expressed their profound sadness over Darren’s passing. In reflecting upon all 24 years they spent supporting Darren through thick and thin, reflecting upon all he meant to them all while spreading love, warmth, and laughter wherever he went. His love, warmth, and laugh will forever remain part of all our lives.

WWE Support
Darren and his family expressed their thanks and gratitude to WWE, for always treating him as part of their own family, ensuring he received proper care and treatment over the years.

Darren Drozdov’s Children: An Open Secret
No information regarding Darren Drozdov and his children can be found, including details regarding biological or adoptive children.

Celebrated for living life with purpose
Darren Drozdov stands as an inspiring example of positivity, perseverance and kindness. His unfaltering spirit encourages many others while teaching us resilience and strength despite facing great adversity in his lifetime. Darren’s legacy serves as a lesson in living each moment fully in spite of life’s many difficulties.


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