Ward Weaver III was born in California on April 6, 1964 and later went on to commit a string of horrific crimes that sent shockwaves through seemingly normal communities – such as kidnapping Ashley Pond and Miranda Gaddis for sexual abuse before their murders occurred; Weaver had already been found guilty for sexual abuse before these tragedies took place, setting up these horrifying acts.

Francis Weaver played an invaluable role in uncovering this monster lurking behind an ordinary facade. Francis informed police of Ward Weaver’s sexual abuse and murder of two girls back in August 2002 and provided ample proof for Ward to be sentenced with two life terms without parole by 2004.

Mallori Weaver, Ward Weaver III’s daughter: She became an object of scrutiny due to his horrific crimes; therefore being thrust in front of media coverage due to being associated with him and thus facing scrutiny and media coverage as Ashley and Miranda who visited Ward Weaver III were friends of Mallori’s and had visited him regularly at his residence in Virginia Beach. Ashley Weaver committed many crimes against Mallori while Ward committed many more against Ashley Weaver; Ashley later had attempted suicide at Ward’s residence when Mallori Weaver III committed crimes against them all three committing the final ones against them before his tragic end on November 28th 2007.

Mallori was admitted to hospital following her emotional response and public scrutiny surrounding the tragedy of 2008 and subsequent charges of assault, criminal trespass, harassment, disorderly behavior and criminal conduct – ultimately she was cleared from any misconduct for an alleged attack against a Providence Medical Center security guard and found not guilty on these counts. Unfortunately little information exists regarding Mallori’s present life but we hope she remains well.

Ward Weaver III and Maria Stout began living together shortly after getting married and moving to Bakersfield California together.
Divorce proceedings began in 1992 amid allegations of domestic abuse between Weaver and Stout; Stout filed for restraining orders against Weaver before becoming embroiled in controversy when police conducted searches at her apartment after receiving information that she may be selling methamphetamine to buyers.

Ward victimized Kristi; however, she chose not to testify against him. Kristi and Weaver were married for four years – however details surrounding their personal lives remain scarce.

Ward Weaver Jr was charged with murdering four-year old Anna Weaver before leaving home at four. Additionally, Weaver Jr had an abusive relationship with both of his wives and was involved in sexual assault/rape incidents against both. The Wider-Weaver family’s history is long and bloodied – from crimes such as his uncle being executed at four-year old to leaving at four himself to commit multiple sexual offenses against their family, abuse incidents including Weaver Sr allegedly physically abusing both wives/children as well as physical assault or sexual violence being perpetrated against their family at various ages; even his children leaving as young children himself being perpetrators themselves being seen leaving family at four and leaving them at that age to pursue violent criminal acts as they committed. Additionally Weaver Sr committed countless sexual offenses including crimes such as killing offspring Ward Jr committing many, not limited by family history alone: as murdering both wife/children abuse on top of sexual assault or rape crimes while serving time behind bars due to previous allegations brought forward during court cases as alleged violations committed during court cases brought by them during court cases brought forward from prosecution to prosecution charges of sexual abuse or even murderous action brought forward during court cases in some cases where allegations existed against Weavers father’s presence only to later return only find out of criminal investigations into sexually charged with more sexual offenses before finally serving time behind bars charges in both cases as perpetrating them at times as murderous father then left his mothers (never married offence allegations being charged himself as well!). Weavers (Weavers’ family are implicated by sexually accused murder charges including an arrest or before leaving family.) according to allegations associated sexually charged.

Ward III also had two siblings – Tammi Ward (his half-sister) and Robert Budrow. According to Tammi, they both accused Ward III of sexual abuse – adding more evidence of his violence and abuse in general. Ward and Stout had only been married four years when Francis came forward with evidence against his father’s criminal activities.

Ward Weaver III and his family serve as an important reminder of what lies beneath everyday communities’ surface, while at the same time serving to illustrate the deep wounds left by tragedies on those closest to us.


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