Elise Mertens of Belgium began her tennis journey as a child and has made immense advancements throughout her professional career. Mertens is known for both singles and doubles accomplishments and remains in the limelight throughout her tenure – let’s delve deeper!

Elise Mertens: Rising Star of Tennis Mertens is an accomplished doubles specialist who achieved world No.1 doubles ranking in May 2021 after winning three Grand Slam tournaments and becoming Grand Slam Champions with partner Zhang Shuai. At Wimbledon she finished as runners up alongside Zhang.

Mertens has not only proven her mettle as a doubles champion, but has also proven herself an impressive opponent at singles – becoming No. 12 on her highest singles ranking that month! Mertens’ career to date is unsurpassable as evidenced by her seven WTA Tour titles (two at WTA 500 level!).

Mertens Represents Belgium at International Tournaments
She has made history at both Billie Jean King Cup and Olympics by competing both singles and doubles events simultaneously – something no other player in her ilk has done previously!

Robbe Ceyssens and Elise Mertens: Are They Married? Mertens tends to keep her personal affairs under wraps, although it has long been suspected she has been in a romantic relationship with former tennis player, Robbe Ciesens.

Ceyssens first met Mertens at Kim Clijsters Academy, in 2015, when tennis brought them together. Tennis brought them even closer, leading them to form an intimate connection; yet Mertens remains single despite this close bond – this proves she is focused on further developing her tennis career and not looking backward.

Mertens and Robbe Ceyssens: His Effect on Mertens’ Career
Ceyssens has had a lasting positive influence in Mertens’ life as she has taken advantage of his expertise as a tennis player to further advance her own success on court. Mertens publicly credits Ceyssens with her success on court while in 2021 she hired Simon Goffin as her coach as evidence of her dedication and commitment towards furthering her own professional advancement.

Mertens’ Dating History Revealed
Mertens has kept her dating life private, further increasing the mystery around her. While Mertens and Ceyssens have been in relationship for some time, Mertens keeps most of her history hidden away.

Mertens Prioritizes Privacy
In spite of her fame, Mertens prioritizes her privacy by choosing to keep her personal life separate from what the public knows her for; this shows she remains focused on tennis as her career.

Elise Mertens and Robbe Ceyssens Have an Age Gap between Them Mertens will reach 27 in 2023 while Ceyssens was born two years earlier (in April 1993) though this does not hinder their relationship, nor weaken its bond as evidenced by this small age difference.

Similar ages likely played an essential part in their initial bonding experience and allowed them to quickly connect and share experiences freely with one another.

Elise Mertens is a Belgian tennis player pursuing her career while maintaining close ties to Robbe Ceyssens, as they share mutual admiration and passion for tennis together – this relationship will undoubtedly shape her on- and off-court success as she advances further along her journey in tennis. Fans are looking forward to witnessing what success awaits Elise in 2019.


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