Fabio Cairoli was revered as an icon of managerial excellence and gaming industry pioneer. A graduate from Italy’s Catholic University of Milan with an MA degree in Economics and Commerce, Cairoli made significant inroads into many different industries throughout his lifetime, creating lasting impactsful legacies behind him that will live on forever. His impactful legacy will live on forever!

Cairoli began his professional life with Bialetti as a board member before going on to hold various leadership roles at Star Foods, Julius Meinl Italy Motorola Mobile Devices Italy, Kraft Foods and Star Foods – always with passion for success at his core.

Shaping IGT’s Legacy
Cairoli shone brightest during his tenure at International Game Technology. His vision and strategic ability catapulted him to lead IGT Global Lottery with unparalleled commitment to results and innovation, sparking positive shifts at IGT that set its course forward into new directions.

Marco Sala, Executive Chairmanperson of IGT, acknowledged Cairoli’s dedication and sincerity. He applauded his ability to inspire other people. Cairoli earned respect from colleagues outside his role as CEO due to his results-driven approach and work ethic; cementing his status as an innovator and change catalyst.

Cairoli was responsible for overseeing Global Lottery Sales and Operations during his time at IGT, including Lottery Operations Italy as well as product/sales development initiatives as well as technology/support support services. His strategic insights and relentless drive lead to unparalleled success at IGT.

Fabio Cairoli Dies Untimely
Losses Shock the Gaming Industry Fabio Cairoli’s tragic and unexpected death has sent shockwaves through the industry, while Robert White, CEO of IGT Global Lottery, died unexpectedly at age 58 – suspected by authorities as possibly suffering a heartattack – after unexpectedly dying unexpectedly at home on February 14. A thorough investigation is currently under way into what exactly led up to White’s untimely demise as well as any medical conditions which might have contributed.

Losing Cairoli was a devastating loss to both IGT’s family and gaming community at large, leaving an empty spot that cannot be filled. We extend our deepest condolences on his passing as well as acknowledge his contributions and thank him for being part of IGT family for such a long time.

IGT has provided assurances to its stakeholders that it will continue providing extraordinary gaming experiences around the globe despite irreplaceable losses.

Fabio Cairoli Has Created an Everlasting Legacy
Fabio Cairoli’s sudden passing is a powerful reminder of life’s fragility, yet profound impact any individual has in any field they work in. His visionary leadership will long be remembered and set an example for players throughout the globe – his influence lasting many decades ahead.

As we cope with this terrible news and remember Cairoli’s remarkable life achievements, it is critical that we do so while respecting his family’s privacy.

Fabio Cairoli left behind an incredible legacy. We offer our deepest condolences as his family mourn his death and share memories that bring comfort in difficult times. His absence will be felt among gamers everywhere; yet his influence will live on into future generations.


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