Resurface of Face Splint Accident Video From June 2009 on Social Media has drawn global interest; here, this article examines its authenticity and public response.

A Blast from the Past
Thirteen years after an unfortunate event occurred and was recorded on video for distribution across different platforms, The Face Splint Video seems to be making waves again and is drawing more and more interest today.

What Is This Video About?

This video depicts an event which occurred in June 2009. It portrays an alarming diving accident of a 16-year old who attempted to dive in at Promenade Building opposite American University; unfortunately he hit concrete instead and fell into the ocean below.

Video footage captured of an incident wherein an Arab girl can be heard crying out in distress in Arabic language from underwater, when trying to duplicate what their brother successfully achieved by diving. But when his teenager attempts to copy them he failed miserably. A girl can then be heard screaming out for assistance from above in Arabic language from within the video footage itself.

Video Journey From Ignorance to Viral
It is remarkable to witness this 13-year old video return to being viral after it had previously become irrelevant and ignored. Initially uploaded by Reddit user @zombiedub and later shared by @pazlinx via Twitter where it gained momentum.

Reddit had originally uploaded and popularized Face Splint Accident Video years earlier and received 93% upvotes; when reposted again to Twitter as part of a trend it amassed 445 “likes”. At the time this article was written.

Public Reactions
Public reaction has been extremely enthusiastic towards this video. Many have attempted to verify its authenticity while some suspect it could even be faked.

Are You Wondering If This Video Is Real Or Fake? The authenticity of this video has long been debated; reports claim its contents could have resulted in attempted suicide with a 9mm gun, while other theories hold that its images showed injuries sustained after an accident and died two days after. Unfortunately no proof has ever been provided either way as to its authenticity.

Face Splint Accident Video has made another appearance online, stirring debate about its authenticity and creating emotional reactions among many viewers. There have been suggestions the video might be faked or altered in any way; however there have been no definitive proofs either way to support or refute such allegations; thus its legitimacy remains uncertain for now and we will provide updates as more information becomes available.


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