New Bloomfield residents are in dismay following an auto accident on Sunday 10th July at 10:46 am near Waggoners Road and Enola Road intersection, at which two cars collided head on in New Bloomfield.

Remembering Haley Marie Nenninger
Haley was known by both friends and her wider community as an angel come to earth, leaving a hole in our hearts with her untimely death. We will always treasure memories of Haley for her infectious laugh, radiant smile, and boundless enthusiasm for life. We miss you dearly Haley – may your spirit rest in peace.

Haley will leave behind Aurora Elizabeth who she considered her own child and who has often been mentioned by many as being one of her main sources of joy in life. Many praise Haley for being such a loving mom to Aurora – some even referring to Aurora as being “her” main motivation and driving force!

Emergency personnel found Haley suffering from serious injuries when they arrived on scene of her Cumberland County Accident Detail, she was transported immediately to hospital but unfortunately she succumbed to her wounds shortly thereafter and passed away from their extent.

Charley Hall of the Cumberland County Coroner confirmed Haley’s fatality due to trauma caused by her car accident; further investigations are currently being done into its circumstances and contributing factors.

Road Closure and Investigation
A road was closed for several hours while authorities conducted their on-site investigations, providing more insight into what transpired as well as any attribution of blame that may take place in relation to these events. Once released, this official report should provide more detail as regards all that took place and possible culpability claims against anyone responsible.

Haley’s untimely passing elicited an immediate community response; many offered condolences and shared memories after learning of her sudden and tragic demise online. Many thanked Haley for being selfless even during times when personal struggles made life more challenging than anticipated. She was remembered fondly.

Haley’s family are making funeral plans, while members of her community come together in support of those grieving her passing. Haley will live on in our memories.


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