You can find the review here to see if it is a scam or reputable company.

Haraldup has been classified as a suspicious location due to the following drawbacks:

Contact Information

Multiple problematic websites have been identified using the parent company “TOP LIFESTYLE LTD”. A list of sites that use this parent company name can be found by searching TOP LIFESTYLE LTD on our website, or clicking the tag below.

It has given its parent company’s name as TOP LIFESTYLE LIMITED. However, it could change its address and name of parent company in the future due to similar sites.

Copied content

Special Sales and Discounts

It lists many products, such as: YK – 7ft – Comfy Large Bean Bag MattressTM – Fluffy Lazy Sofa with WiFi Connectivity; Shoe Box Organizer; Trendy Print Street Full Zip Hoodies; Fashion Print Long Sleeve Hoodie; Trendy Vintage Dragon Print Track Jacket. Peace Dove Cherry Blossom Street Jeans. Yoklick Bean Bag Chair Convertible Chair Folds From Chair to Bed, Winter TV Hoodie Blanket. You can get heavy discounts on these products. These types of discounts are often offered by scam websites to lure people to their scams.

Customer complaints and delivery

There are many online shops selling similar products that have complaints about product quality, delivery times, and customer service.


All of the above facts lead us to conclude that Haraldup online shop is suspicious.

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