Learn more about the incident that involved Huellitas Fotos Tweet. Vanessa adopted the dog, but some pictures raised concerns. Continue reading to learn more.

Do you enjoy puppies? Could you imagine caring for one? Although they’re cute, caring for a puppy can be a difficult task.

A young woman recently adopted a dog and appeared to be nice with it. Pictures and videos posted on social media worldwide reveal that she was cruel to the pup.

People on social media are now curious about the posts. Continue reading to find out the latest news about Huellitas Fotos Tweet, and what happened to that puppy.

What’s the latest news?

Vanessa, a student from CBTIS in Huauchinango (Industrial Technological and Services Baccalaureate Centre 86 School), Puebla did something shocking. She adopted a dog named Huellitas, but there was a dark side to her.

She shared a video on Facebook showing the puppy being beaten and bleeding. Students of the same school will demand justice on 16th June 2023.

Is this puppy dead or alive

According to the information given, the minor killed the puppy. Vanessa “N” confessed the crime to one of her close friends in a chat. The conversation was captured on screen and revealed that Vanessa adopted the puppy only to kill it.

It’s sad that the puppy died in such a cruel manner. The Sin Censura videos and photos of this puppy are frightening, and everyone is left shocked and upset.

Students Demand Justice for Huellitas

Many people, including CBTIS 86 students, were angry about the incident. The students wanted to see justice done for the dog.

They wanted Vanessa “N” expelled from school, and they asked the principal to take action. Vanessa was also asked to publicly apologize, and more support was requested for teachers in psychology and humanities.

They also asked for more education on how to treat animals with respect and care. The Animal Protection Law required them to inform the Prosecutor about the Twitter incident involving Vanessa.


The incident involving Huellitas and puppy Huellitas enraged many people. The students of CBTIS 86 demand justice. Animals should be treated with kindness and love. The supporters plan to inform the authorities about the incident.

To date, however, no such reports have been made. Pictures are still being circulated on social media, without restrictions.


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