Gale Sayers was an American football great renowned for his agility and unafraid style of play. Unfortunately, injuries cut his career short so take a look back at Sayers life, career and circumstances surrounding his passing here.

Early Life and Rise to Stardom
Gale Eugene Sayers was destined for greatness even before he entered this world on May 30, 1933. A graduate of University of Kansas (and his alma matter), Sayers earned the moniker “Kansas Comet” within three seasons and also achieved consensus All-American status twice.

Sayers began his professional football career with the Chicago Bears in 1965 and quickly made history during his rookie season, setting an NFL rookie touchdown score record with 22 touchdowns — six against San Francisco 49ers alone at Wrigley Field!! This remarkable performance set records that would stand for decades!

NFL Years and Beyond
Injury: Sayers Made an Impact in Five Seasons Although Sayers was limited to only five seasons of NFL action, his impactful playing career made a lasting impression. Following knee injuries which limited him and agility issues that put his opponents under constant threat on every play, Sayers decided it would be in his body’s best interests for him to retire sooner rather than later.

“Brian’s Song” Has Cultural Impact

Sayers had an impactful presence beyond football, though. His friendship with Brian Piccolo in “Brian’s Song,” shown on television movie in 1971, resonated deeply with viewers, humanizing footballers while shining light upon their struggles off-field.

Last Years: Confrontation With Dementia & Alzheimer’s
Beginning of Disease and Diagnosis
Sayers began showing behavioral differences around 2009 or 2010. He publicly displayed dementia symptoms in 2013, with his family later disclosing this news in March 2017 upon Sayers passing. Posthumously, CTE (Concussion-Trauma Encephalopathy) was officially diagnosed as his cause; an age-related degenerative brain condition linked with football head injuries.

Gale Sayers, 77, passed away unexpectedly at his Wakarusa residence due to complications caused by dementia and Alzheimer’s. Sayers’s passing calls into question head injuries in football as part of player safety concerns – joining an ever-increasing list of NFL players with degenerative neurological conditions like dementia.

Gale Sayers Legacy
Sayers became the youngest member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame upon being inducted at 34 in 1977, becoming its youngest ever inductee. Through his notable achievements and playing style, Sayers cemented himself into football history; today his contributions are still remembered and esteemed.

Gale Sayers’ life story serves both as an encouragement and warning to football fans and future athletes. His legacy, including both on-field achievements as well as his fight with Alzheimer’s, serves both purposes.


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