The Mescal siblings are multi-talented rising stars who have established their own place among an age of rising stars. As family, they embody creativity, artistry and the transformative powers of music and acting – qualities which create their unique niche in today’s music and acting world.

Who Is Nell Mescal? Nell Mescal, an emerging musical talent who has quickly captured both industry experts and fans’ admiration, is newcomer to the music scene. Born in Ireland and ditching conventional education to follow her passion in 2021 for musical pursuit.

Nell made her professional singing debut at 19 and showcased her musical ability with great success, sharing the stage alongside Phoebe Bridgers while thrilling audiences with her melodious vocals and songwriting prowess.

Nell Mescal is an emotive soul musician whose musical compositions delve deep into youth, love, and the unexpected turns in life. Her songs like Missing You,” Graduation” and Homesick act like diaries that reveal her experiences to an eager listener base.

Nell Mescal and Paul Mescal Share the Sibling Bond

Paul Mescal is Nell’s elder brother and has made quite an impressionful career out of acting – playing Connell Waldron from “Normal People”, as well as landing leading roles such as Aftersun.

Nell and Paul share an exceptional brother-sister bond and admire each other’s artistic abilities, especially Nell who was one of Paul’s biggest supporters when he earned an Academy Award nomination in 2023 for “Aftersun”. She exuberantly expressed her pride when the Oscar nomination arrived for Paul on Twitter!

Paul and Nell share a musical journey. Her debut as a singer made waves due to Paul’s romantic affair with Phoebe Bridgers; both siblings also pursue careers in acting.

The Mescal Family: An Epicenter for Artistic Expression
Hailing from County Kildare in Ireland, Paul Mescal’s parents Dearbhla and Paul were instrumental in nurturing Paul and Nell’s dreams and talents as creative expression flourished within them.

Paul’s journey into acting fame was truly a family effort; both parents were there as constant supports while his mother bravely battled cancer all throughout his professional journey.

Nell Mescal has followed her passion for music with the support of her family. On “The Late Late Show”, an Irish talk show, Paul and Nell performed live.

Paul and Nell Mescal’s Bond of Artistic Dreams and Artistry
Paul and Nell Mescal represent the strength and unity of family bonds through their artistic dreams and artistry, informing audiences across music and film industries alike. Their collaboration continues to inspire audiences even today as each pursues separate careers within these mediums.

Nell Mescal may only just be beginning her music career, yet her brother’s support of art and appreciation of its beauty have laid a strong foundation. We expect great things from Nell and her exceptional family as she creates her unique sound and voice!


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