In this article you will read about Jimmy Page Jeff Beck Funeral.

Ronnie Wood, Sir Rod Stewart and other rock stars attended Jeff Beck’s funeral.

At 78 years old, the music icon was most well-known for his work in 1960s rock with the Yardbirds and later the Jeff Beck Group. He died last month. On Friday, he was laid to repose at St Mary’s Church in Beddington, Sutton. Rod, his former bandmate, described him as a “genius” and he was also known as a “Maggie May” singer.

He wrote that it was an honor to perform with a true guitarist genius. Rest in peace. See ya later jeff, Sir Rod Stewart. “(sic)

Jimmy Page, Johnny Depp, and Vic Reeves attended the moving ceremony. Vic shared on social media that Jeff had delivered the “greatest eulogy” of all. Jeff was called “the quiet cook.”

He wrote: “Just returned from Jeff Becks Funeral. Jimmy Page gave the most moving eulogy. Jimmy Page stated that Jeff was the quiet chief and was referring all guitarists. He was right. Jeff was the future for guitarists. Jeff, your music will always be treasured and we will miss you.

Paul McCartney discovered an undiscovered song that he recorded with Beck in 1994. It was in his archive. The song has an environmentalist bent. Beck opens the recording with a spoken-word passage in which he asks: “Why are they cutting down rainforest?”

McCartney stated via a press release that Jeff Beck, a friend and good friend, died suddenly. He was a great guitarist. It’s great guitar playing because it’s Jeff!

Jim Moir, who appeared on the Adam Buxton podcast, recalled performing “I’ve Got A Lovely Bunch of Coconuts” at Jeff Beck’s wedding with Jimmy Page and Paul McCartney. People were singing. Jeff told us to “go up and do something”. I was there with Jimmy Page and Paul McCartney.

“So, it was. Moir said that although there is no evidence to support this, it happened. So, I’m standing with Jimmy Page and Paul McCartney on the one side, and I’m the singer in the middle. His comical lack of foresight when he uttered ‘I’ve Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts’ at his command made him feel like a pig. He didn’t even know the first verse.


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