In this article you will read about Michigan State University Shooting.

Police said Tuesday that the two buildings located at the heart of Monday’s shootings at Michigan State University can be accessed by the general public during normal business hours.

Chris Rozman, interim chief of the Michigan State University Department of Public Safety, said Berkey Hall was an academic building that hosted activities. Rozman said that the second building, the student Union, is also open to the public and does not require special access.

Marlon Lynch, Vice President of Public Safety at MSU and Chief of Police, said that responding to the shooting was a monumental task due to the campus’ size.

Police stated that the suspect in Monday’s shootings at Michigan State University was not affiliated with the school during a Tuesday morning news conference.

Chris Rozman, Interim Chief of the Michigan State University Department of Public Safety said that the suspect was a 43 year-old man without any ties to MSU.

How did it all begin?

According to the university, the first shots were fired in Berkey Hall at 8 :18 p.m. near Farm Lane and Grand River.

Rozman stated that he received numerous 911 calls about a shooting at Berkey Hall. Numerous officers responded. Within minutes, we were on the scene. We were able to locate many victims of the shooting.

Rozman stated that police responded to reports of a shooting at MSU Student Union on Abbot Road. He said that the suspect shooter fled the Student Union by foot from the intersection of Abbot Road and Grand River Avenue.

Rozman stated that he attended to both the victims and received overwhelming support from campus law enforcement to handle the situation.

Two areas of campus appear to have been targeted by the shooter. It was reported that shots were heard at Berkey Hall, on the East Lansing campus. It was reported that shots were fired on MSU Union near IM East at 7.56pm. According to police, two people were killed in Berkey while another was shot at MSU Union.

All campus activities are cancelled for the next 48-hours due to the current situation. Students were asked to not go to campus Tuesday. Michigan State University has approximately 50,000 students.

Hospital: “A lot of people…stepped up”

Foren stated that five shooting victims were taken to Sparrow Hospital in Lansing. He said that there was not yet any information on their condition.

Foren stated that volunteers were not needed in the emergency department. “We sent most of them home.” “We had a lot people who stepped in.”

Students and staff were seen hiding in the Broad museum across the street, covered in blankets, while students were still at home. One woman asked a reporter how she could get her daughter from her dorm. The building was blocked by police.

Sparrow employees were quick to call the hospital to inform them of the MSU active shooter emergency.

According to the MSU police, the suspect was described as a “short male wearing a mask, possibly Black,” a jean jacket and a cap. The suspect was thought to be walking alone. He was believed to be working alone and on foot. Police declared it an active shooter situation. They launched a manhunt with helicopters flying around the campus.

They reported hours later that the suspect had died of a self-inflicted shot wound.

The police are not sure what his motive was. Rozman stated, according to a CNNreport. “I know that that is going be a question that remains on everybody’s minds.” “We will try our best to determine this, but at the moment we don’t know.”

Michigan newspaper The Detroit News reported that a helicopter was circling campus. Several police departments were also present, including the Ingham County Sheriff’s Department and Meridian Township police.

“This has been a nightmare that I am living tonight,” stated Deputy Chief Chris Rozman, the university’s police officer.

All campus activities were cancelled for at most 48 hours. East Lansing is located approximately 70 miles (112km), north-west Detroit.


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