Discover exclusive facts that you will not find anywhere else about Oompaville Scam. Learn how a scammer managed to steal $1,000,000+ from Oompaville.

Caleb Oompaville is a very popular YouTuber from the United States with more than 4.49 million followers. Oompaville started his YouTube channel, @oompaville, on 20th/November/2010. His channel has 661,252,212 views and 832 videos. Videos include TikTik trends, general topics, vlogging, and video chats. One of his videos received the most views (15 million).

Did you know Oompaville was a scam. Find out more about the Oompaville Scam.

About Oompaville Scam:

Oompaville has been entertaining as a YouTuber for us since 2010. In 2019, he decided to diversify. Oompaville relied on YouTube payments as his primary source of revenue until 2019. Oompaville decided to diversify its income sources after seeing the feature. He wanted to stay a YouTuber.

Oompaville’s new business was scammed. He thought Jack would help him launch his new company and estimated he lost $1,000,000. Oompaville created a three-part video to explain the origins of Who Scammed Oompaville. He also covered footages from 2021.

When did it all start?

Oompaville looked for a business idea. He read many books and asked for advice from his friends and family. Oompaville decided to make candies. In 2019, he approached his family, believing that their support was needed. Lois Plrelps, Jesse Plrelps, and Jesse Plrelps all agreed to help him. Oompaville’s girlfriend is Shyane. Clint Plrelps, Forrest and Oompaville joined the business.

Lois Plrelps has been promoted to the position of General Manager. Clint was promoted to a technical role and Forrest became CEO. The team was excited but faced challenges when they launched their business. Oompaville and his friends decided to try all the candy on the market, and then choose the best one. After choosing the candy flavour, they decided to call their new company SourBoys LLC.

Oompaville decided to outsource its manufacturing process. SourBoys would receive the candies in their warehouse, and then package them for shipping. Oompaville-Jacob Scam was not involved. SourBoys was not approached by any American companies. The SourBoys team finally succeeded when a German firm agreed to work together. Oompaville shared a video of their first shipment, which was packed in red boxes and ready to ship!

Situation was good. Oompaville decided it was time to produce more flavours. Oompaville searched for a building with enough space to house the machines. He rented an apartment at Taxes in 2021. Clint, Lois Jesse, and Forrest moved from Georgia to Taxes, where the warehouse is located.

Net Worth Oompaville

Oompaville has a net worth of $3.26million. He needed money to pay for machines and salaries. He decided to take out a loan. Jake was an Industrial Automation Engineer. Jake was chosen to assist Oompaville in assembling a manufacturing machine. Jake has also been called Zelderon. Oompaville calculated the cost to purchase a manufacturing machine as 500K. This was a lot of money, and it was a big burden.

Oompaville thought that Jack, a industrial engineer, was the best candidate for assembling the machine. Jack agreed to design and build a candy-making device. Jack’s fraud was discussed in over 30 Reddit threads. Jack said that the process could take 10 to 35 weeks and cost about 500K. Oompaville was not bothered by the nine-month wait for their machine.

His main concerns were the rent of the warehouse and his payroll. Oompaville paid out approximately $50,000 in payroll. To reduce costs, he moved the warehouse outside the city. Oompaville didn’t have a place to live. He moved into an industrial warehouse.

The machine took a very long time to arrive. Jake demanded a $130K initial payment for parts of the machine. Oompaville Scam’s final stage was the machine manufacturing being ready by March 2022. Oompaville had to transport a machine weighing 20K pounds 1K miles. Oompaville took the necessary steps to transport machine into warehouse. The packing machine was not yet picked up.

Jack informed us that parts for the machine ordered by us had just been delivered in separate consignments. Oompaville did not suspect fraud, though, because the timeline provided was 35 weeks. Jack told me that in December 2022 he was hospitalized with pneumonia. Oompaville had to wait until Jake recovered.

Delay Oompaville Jake Scam

Jack was discharged from the hospital a month later, but doctors refused to allow him to go back to work. A technician was needed to set up the machine because some parts were missing. Oompaville asked Jake to send another technician.

Cole, a new technician, arrived. Jack was asked to consult him several times as he took his time learning about the machine. Oompaville became stressed as the number visitors increased. 80 new flavours had been prepared and all other aspects of Oompaville were ready.

Oompaville Jake Scam Additional Payments

He offered Jack more money to come and install the machine in the warehouse. Jack told him he would charge 45K per weekly for the first two weeks and 35K the third. Oompaville paid him. Who scammed Oompaville?


Jake did not visit the site. Jake was responsible for the machine as he had designed and built it. Jack responded that he did not design or build this machine. Importing the machine from China cost $143K. Oompaville paid Jake over $700K. Oompaville realized they had been scammed only after they realized what happened.


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