Paulette Bethel left an indelible mark on many through her remarkable talents in art, sports and dance. Following her tragically early passing in Cocoa Beach Florida she left behind an inspirational legacy which we should honor by paying our respects and remembering her memory.

Paulette Bethel lived an extraordinary life. Her achievements and excellence stand as testaments of this.

Paulette was an accomplished athlete, winning many accolades throughout her life. Through rigorous training combined with unfaltering determination she achieved multiple state and regional bodybuilding titles as well as Karate mastership resulting in earning national blackbelt status – her athletic accomplishments served to show Paulette’s commitment to physical fitness and unwavering commitment.

Artistic Expression
Paulette was an artist with great talent in athletics who also created gorgeous artwork alongside Keith Smith, often reflecting her sophisticated understanding of composition and form which stemmed from her athletic background.

Paulette was passionate about dance. Her StreetDance routines, charismatic teaching style and diverse repertoire earned her fans in cities including New York City, Atlanta, Denver and Los Angeles – and inspired countless workshops and performances across those cities.

Paulette Bethel, A Leukemia Patient Has Lost Her Fight
After two years of fighting back bravely against leukemia, Paulette Bethel finally succumbed. Her spirit had finally been tested.

Leukemia: Fighting Back
Paulette received tremendous support after being diagnosed with leukemia. Paulette bravely battled this disease with all the strength she could muster.

An Upheaval in Mourning Her death has created an enormous void within many hearts. David and Carol mourn her passing as part of an even wider mourning ceremony that spans their immediate family as well as his sisters Katie Demian Noelle George who mourn for him as much.

Paulette’s Legacy: Commemorating Paulette
A commemoration event was hosted to remember Paulette and acknowledge her contribution and influence on many lives.

Honoring A Life Well Lived
On July 7, 2023, The Surfside Playhouse in Cocoa Beach will host an unforgettable celebration to recognize Paulette Bethel for all that she has accomplished throughout her lifetime – be it sports, arts or dance – leaving an indelible mark upon our world. The Surfside Playhouse’s Cocoa Beach venue will play host to this extraordinary occasion that honors Paulette Bethel as part of her legacy celebration and tribute event.

Paulette may no longer be physically present, yet her legacy continues to provide guidance and motivation to future generations of followers who aspire to follow passions with commitment while handling challenges with grace.

Paulette Bethel led an amazing life filled with passion, accomplishments and resilience; her story serves as an exemplar of human indomitability and we should continue her legacy by commemorating and remembering her legacy.


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