We’ll first look at Serge Varlay’s video, then we will discuss his Serge Varlay profile on LinkedIn as well as the discussion that surrounded the account.

Ever considered how big financial firms could manipulate politicians and the people? Recenty, something unexpected happened! A journalist secretly recorded a BlackRock employee, one of America’s largest money management firms .

The recruiter said that certain sections of the financial sector bribe politicians as well as regular people. Can you believe it? This news stunned everyone! Search for Serge Valay on LinkedIn.

Find out more about these events and how they affected us all.

LinkedIn profile for Serge Varlay

A journalist named James O’Keefe, released a video on 20th June 2023 that is causing a stir. The video exposes Serge Varlay as a recruiter for Blackrock, Inc.

Varlay has falsely claimed about his company. He has accused his company of corruption, bribery, and even encouraging wars against Russia and Ukraine. Serge Varlay deleted his LinkedIn account, but it has now returned. Blackrock moderators declined to comment further on this matter. There is a picture in the profile, but they have not provided any additional information.

Serge Varlay – who is he exactly?

  • Serge Varlay is a BlackRock employee, a major investment management company.
  • He received a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature and Psychology from Baruch College.
  • Before joining BlackRock, he worked at AIESEC United States and completed an internship at Brant Publications.
  • According to Serge Varlay account on LinkedIn, Serge Varlay started working for BlackRock in May 2022 as a technology recruiting specialist.
  • Serge Varlay also has experience as a digital content coordinator and freelancer for Deutsche Bank.
  • He was a talent acquisition director at Morgan Stanley Securities, and Citadel Securities.

What was Serge Varlay’s role at Blackrock Firm?

Serge Varlay, a key employee of BlackRock, is an important person. He is a recruiter for technology. He helps BlackRock select and find the best candidates for technology jobs. Serge’s role is to assess people, interview them, and assist in the hiring process.

Serge’s main goal is to ensure that BlackRock has the best technology team. The success of BlackRock depends on the quality of its team. Serge was mentioned in Reddit.

About Black Rock Company

  • BlackRock is a global investment management firm.
  • The company was founded 18 January 1988.
  • The company was started by Larry Fink and a group.
  • Larry Fink, CEO of BlackRock.
  • The company offers a wide range of financial services and products, including mutual funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).
  • Financial performance is considered along with sustainability and social impact.
  • BlackRock, a global investment company, serves investors, governments and institutions.

Twitter Users discuss BlackRock. This is a multinational corporation that manages investments. Also, they mention its global presence and sustainability focus. We will get into detail in the next section.

How does BlackRock lead in Investing For A Better World (Investing For A Better World)?

  • BlackRock is the largest asset and investment management company in the world, managing more than $9 trillion of assets worldwide.
  • Investors who are leaders in their industry and prioritize “Environmental social and government standards” prioritise ESG investments.
  • ESG investing focuses on initiatives such as fighting climate change and promoting diversity, inclusion, equality, or equality.
  • Blackrock Larry Fink, CEO of Blackrock is a strong believer in the power of capitalism to bring about positive change through relationships that benefit both parties.
  • ESG investing is gaining in popularity and companies are being held accountable for the performance of their businesses on these issues.

Who is James O’Keefe?

James O’Keefe, a well-known journalist, released shocking footage about Serge Varlay. Serge Varlay worked as a recruiter for Blackrock. Since then, James O’Keefe’s personal and professional details have been sought by many. Let’s find out.

  • Full name James Edward O’Keefe III
  • Date of birth: 28th June 1984
  • Age: 38
  • Birthplace: New Jersey, United States
  • Bachelor of Arts (Philosophy)
  • University: Rutgers University
  • Profession: Journalist, activist
  • Organization: O’Keefe Media Group, Project Veritas Action, Project Veritas.
  • Nationality: American
  • Religion: Christian

Serge Varlay’s LinkedIn attracted attention through James O’Keefe’s videos. James O’Keefe is a well-known activist and journalist who brought to light important issues through his video featuring Serge Varlay. Many people have searched online to find out more about Serge Varlay because of their curiosity.


James O’Keefe, an activist and journalist , recently released a video featuring Serge Varlay. This made people curious about Serge’s LinkedIn page. James O’Keefe’s video shed light on important issues. Serge Varlay was discussed and searched for online.


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