Kriss Akabusi’s best moment came at the 1991 World Championships when he was awarded a bronze in hurdles. He also played a key role in Britain’s historic victory in the 400m relay race over America. The relay time he set was 2 hours,57 minute 53 minutes, an Olympic relay record! Kriss Akabusi set a new British record in 400m hurdles at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games, clocking 47 seconds. He earned deservedly a bronze!

Kriss Acabusi has successfully transitioned from an incredible athlete to a television speaker. He inspires audiences all over the world with his inspiring speeches and infectious passion.

Monika Akabusi, The Supportive Force
Monika’s Akabusi has been a major influence on Shakira and her journey. Monika was a constant beacon of hope and encouragement for Shakira as she walked her way to fame.

Shakira’s Family Tree
Shakira is related to two other siblings through her father’s second wife, however they live their lives privately and prefer not to be scrutinized by the media. Little is known of her extended family.

Shakira’s family is extremely proud of all that she has achieved, and they have played a crucial role in enabling her to become such a prominent fitness and parenting figure. Shakira cherishes and values their unconditional love, and it is this that has helped her blossom into the confident person that she is today.

Shakira’s Nigerian Heritage
Shakira’s Nigerian heritage is a result of her father’s lineage. Shakira is proud of her Nigerian descent, as Kriss Akabusi came from a Nigerian background. It is clear that her heritage has had a profound impact on her identity and outlook, and contributed to her diverse background.

Shakira’s Net Worth and Success
Shakira Acabusi is a fitness specialist, speaker and social influencer. She also founded StrongLikeMum. She has an estimated net-worth of over one million dollars, a testament to her hard work.

Shakira can command considerable income as a public speaker by giving motivational talks, keynote addresses and workshops at events, conferences or corporate functions.Additionally, her strong online presence and influential social media following attract collaborations and endorsement opportunities with brands in the fitness, health, and parenting industries, further contributing to her financial success


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