This post on Suleman Dawood Age provides extensive details regarding his story and of Suleman Dawood himself.

Have you heard about the missing submersible? As the search for British entrepreneur Shahzada Dawood’s son Sulaiman Dawood who vanished with the Titanic submersible intensifies, people around the world have become alarmed at its disappearance and search is underway to locate it, its crew and passengers – this tragedy has garnered worldwide interest with media attention coming from Canada, UK and US coverage alike – it continues to draw in people curious about him, his friends and what led up to their disappearance – Suleman’s Age provides all this information in one convenient package.

Many are curious as to Suleman Dawood’s age; he is currently 19 years old. Following the tragic submarine accident, many are concerned for Suleman and his father; there has been no public information regarding any investigation or search efforts for their sub.

Suleman Dawood can be found on Wikipedia as:

Full Name Suleman Dawood
Age 18 Years Old
Date and Place of Birth 2004 by Karachi, Pakistan.
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Live in Now Karachi, Pakistan. Years Active Present Debut The Student Discount is also available to students.
Students enrolled in Karachi Public Schools, Pakistan can avail of The Famous Role Student Discount to save up to 15 percent off tuition costs for this role, which was played by Ahmed Dawood, born and bred in Karachi, Pakistan and living with her mother Dawood and father Shahzada Dawood (both originally named Aryans) with father being Shahzada Dawood and mother being Dawood; these parents also hold net worths estimated at 350 Million US Dollars each.
Descent into Darkness: Titanic Submersible Missing for 100 Years

Shahzada Dawood and her children Sulaiman Dawood and Sulaiman Dawood’s daughter joined OceanGate Expeditions’ Titanic submarine for an unforgettable trip. Titanic wreckage tours onboard were one of its main draws – promising an experience unlike any other!

Stockton Rush of OceanGate Expeditions and former French Navy diver Paul-Henry Nargeolet joined together as well. British millionaire Hamish Harding serves as CEO for OceanGate Expeditions; their advanced submarine vanished under the waves; thus beginning an intense search and rescue mission.

Shahzada Dawood, born in Pakistan but now living in Britain, is an esteemed lawyer, businessman, and marketing expert who holds an influential place within Pakistani society. After immigrating as a youngster he soon made it as a successful businessperson with his generous and charitable Dawood family holding a prominent place within society.

Shahzada Dawood holds degrees from both College of Buckingham in England and Philadelphia University in the US. She has worked in textile marketing as well as law, and serves as Vice-Chairman of Engro Corporation – an acclaimed Pakistani conglomerate known for providing energy, food, and fertilizers. Additionally, he participates in charitable efforts as an integral member of Dawood Hercules Company.

Shahzada Dawood and Nabila Dawood, an accomplished woman, are in a marriage which boasts three children, with Sulaiman Dawood the oldest waiting to be rescued from Iraq. Together they enjoy spending quality time together despite busy schedules.

Shahzada Dawood is well-known for her passion and interest in adventure and sports outside of work. An experienced mountaineer, she has scaled mountains all around the world. Excited about discovering and exploring, Shahzada always enjoyed exploring new places.

Concern and Solidarity
News of the disappearances has caused global outrage and outpourings of solidarity from governments worldwide. Joe Biden, US President, and Boris Johnson, UK Prime minister have offered their assistance for search efforts underway. International support is strong as many international leaders highlight its urgency and significance for human lives.

Social networking sites have been filled with positive thoughts, prayers and supportive messages in an outpouring of positivity that signals hope that something positive will emerge from this search operation. Everyone awaits word that Shahzada Dawood and Sulaiman Dawood have safely arrived back at home base.


The Suleman Dawood Age article continues to unfold as searchers intensify efforts for the Titanic submerged. Everyone continues to pray and think of all of the passengers on board; including Sulaiman Dawood – son of famed businessman Shahzada Dawood. Their future is currently at stake and the world is waiting for news on their rescue from North Atlantic Ocean waters.


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