This website is a great resource if you want to evaluate the legitimacy of Airalo or share your feedback including complaints and positive testimonials. You will find an in-depth analysis of Airalo along with user comments which provide valuable insight into the company. You are also encouraged to submit your own complaints and reviews about this site on this platform. Your feedback will help others to better understand Airalo and make informed decisions.

Safety Index

Safety Index for Airalo : 70/100

Airalo Highlights

  • Website:
  • Airalo Business Name:
  • Types of business/Business Claims: The world’s first eSIM shop, offering eSIMs to 200+ countries and regions at affordable prices. Airalo’s business claim is that customers will never need to worry about changing their phone number or having to carry multiple SIM cards.
  • Email:
  • Location: Singapore

Airalo: Scam or genuine?

Airalo maintains official social media accounts on platforms like Facebook. These pages are authenticated by tick marks. They have thousand followers. It is therefore highly unlikely that Airalo scams. In our research, we found no fraudulent businesses that had verified social media profiles, particularly on popular platforms such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. If you know of a deceptive business with verified social media accounts, please leave a comment here.

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Airalois a legitimate company, as stated previously. It is important to note that being verified or registered does not guarantee outstanding performance. Verification does not guarantee flawless service or an absence of complaints. It is important to remember that no company can be perfect and that imperfections may occur despite the legitimacy of a business.

We highly recommend that you read the comments to get a better understanding of how the company is performing. These insights are based on the real experiences and opinions expressed by individuals. They will help you form a better understanding of the reality of the company.

We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this company. Please feel free to share any concerns or complaints in a comment. This will help others gain a better understanding of the company. Your comments will help others better understand the true nature of this company.

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