You want to know if a website is legit or a scam, and if it’s safe for you to trust? You’ve come to the right page if you answered yes. Here, we will review the Vertex Coin and determine its authentic.

Safety Index

Safety Index of 15.100 (illegal Ponzi scheme)

Vertexcoin .cc Website Highlights:

  • Domain Name: Vertexcoin .cc
  • Website Name: VertexCoin
  • Email: admin@vertexcoin .cc
  • Schemes : 3% per day forever, 4% per day forever, 5% per day forever, 6% daily forever

Vertex Coin Review: Pros and cons to determine if is a scam or genuine


  • On its website, you can find the Hypertext Transfer protocol Secure (HTTPS).
  • The domain name and the website name must match.
  • The domain name and email domain of a website are related.

Cons (drawbacks and complaints)

  • This is a Ponzi Scheme, which is neither legal nor sustainable. The legal authorities have warned the public that the Ponzi scheme is not sustainable. Ponzi scheme will cause the majority of participants to lose their money and only a small number will profit at first. This is why you can find some people who support and promote Ponzi schemes.
  • It is a Ponzi Scheme because there is no real income source to pay profits to its members. It promises to pay a rate of return that is unrealistic, such as 6% per day forever on investment amounts of members, but does not provide proof of the income source.
  • Vertexcoin Ponzi schemes deceive people by showing genuine proofs of payment. They pay a few members at first to give the impression of successful payouts. It is impossible to pay all participants of these schemes. Ponzi schemes are risky and should be approached with caution.
  • Ponzi schemes, such as the one you mention, may attempt to deceive people by presenting documents obtained from authorities in Hong Kong or the United Kingdom. It’s important to not be misled by these documents as they don’t grant a licence to run an investment firm of this type. These registrations are usually obtained for tax reasons, and not to endorse the legitimacy of a business. Many businesses that had similar registrations in the past were revealed to be fraudulent schemes.
  • Vertexcoin’s business model is similar to that of other scam sites such as Paymorebit EvoLambo and Castalt.
  • It also runs another illegal scheme called a Pyramid Scheme. This is because any company that pays referral commissions up to multi-level downlines without selling real products or service are known as Pyramid schemes. It claims to pay referral commissions up to six levels downline, but it does not sell any products or services. Instead, the company only makes money from its Ponzi ROI Plans. This makes it a Pyramid Scheme.

Our Final Verdict:

Vertexcoin is a fraud business, based on the information provided.

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