The Anush Apetyan Video Telegram provides information on an Azerbaijani Nurse who was brutally tortured by Azerbaijani officials and murdered.

The Armenian Women’s Union denounces the brutal killing of a female Soldier. Is Anush Apetyan dead? Anush Apetyan was tortured to death. Was Anush Apetyan tortured by the Azerbaijani Army?

Azerbaijan will do anything to wage war on Armenia. Azerbaijan has used photos of violent acts to spread its message. This has caused an uproar around the world.

Images of women have shocked, outraged and angered many people. This guide provides more information on Anush Apetyan’s video Telegram.

What is in Anush Apetyan’s video?

Anush Apetyan, a 36-year-old Armenian soldier was arrested, assaulted, and murdered in Jermuk (Armenia). In a viral video, her corpse was then mutilated.

Her captors cut her fingers and slit the eyes. The violent act had been meticulously recorded, and the video was uploaded to Real video. Soldier Apetyan has three children, aged 4, 15, and 16, behind him.

Is Armenia experiencing hardships again?

Azerbaijan has been at war with Armenians for over two years, ever since the Azerbaijani Army waged a conflict against the Nagorno Karabakh Armenians.

According to reports at least 600 soldiers have been reported dead with an equal amount of injuries. Seven thousand six hundred civilians were rescued. Numerous residential buildings were damaged.

What was the Turkish President’s message to his citizens?

Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey, addressed Ankara’s National Assembly in September. He stated that the world must understand that Azerbaijanis have unity.

Devlet Báhceli (a nationalist right-wing Erdogan supporter) reiterated, on Twitter, that the Turkish Government’s support was total and unconditional.

Recently, the armed forces of Azerbaijan’s sister state, Armenia, attacked the country. They used drones to assassinate Turkish artillery and captured key heights.

Who was Anush Apetyan

Anush Apetyan had three children. She was sent on September 13, 2022 to Vayots-Dzor, the Armenian region’s border with Azerbaijan to protect her ancestral home after Azerbaijan invaded this democratic and sovereign country.

Azerbaijan launched a drone and artillery strike deep in Armenian territory, and its forces advanced on Jermuk. Apetyan’s home and other border stations were invaded, along with civilian houses.

Has Anush Apetyan’s video become viral on the Internet?

This film brings back the horrors of Armenians in 1915 as well as the violent Images that Azerbaijani soldiers posted on the Internet. The Young Turks who ruled the Ottoman Empire forced the entire Armenian community into the harsh desert.

Death roads, not deportation routes. More than 1.2 millions people tragically perished there. Anush Apetyan would repeat her fate a thousand times.

Why is war information used to intimidate?

Vahan Teryan, an Armenian poet, first expressed the traumas of the nation on Reddit as Viral. He talked about pleading for help without a voice and without the hope of being heard. They are all on the road. This idea was only recently discovered by the young Armenian author Grigor Shashikyan. Vahan Teryan’s meaning can now be seen on the face of his era.

Armenia maintained long-term ties with Russia despite the collapse the Soviet Union because of its fear of Azerbaijan and Turkey attacks. The Armenians considered “The Turk” to be the greatest mortal threat in 1915.

Will Russia help its ally if Azerbaijan invades Armenian territory by September 2020 or if Azerbaijan started the conflict in Nagorno-Karabakh with the assistance of Turkey?

Did the West ignore Armenia

Twitter has shown that the West ignored Armenia for many years because of its supposed closeness to Russia. The Armenians are convinced that Azerbaijani soldiers will continue to wage a war against their nation until the Armenian Republic disappears. Azerbaijani soldiers brag on social media about their violent acts, which they carry out in freedom.

Nancy Pelosi unintentionally was in Yerevan, three days after Azerbaijan’s attack. Nancy Pelosi condemned Azerbaijan’s attacks on Armenian territories, which were in violation of international law. She strongly condemned their attack on Armenian Independence.

Does Europe want to avoid upsetting its global trading partners

In a fiery speech she attacked Russia, accusing them of exposing their main partner to danger. Nevertheless, the Europeans were clearly responsible for the travel of the American woman. Ursula von der Leyen traveled to Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan, in July, last year to look for alternatives to Russian Gas.

Instagram shows that the woman in Brussels, who is older than most of us, was always happy to brag about how a powerful EU politician had reached an agreement to give the EU and Azerbaijan twice as much electricity. Ilham Aliyev, his honest counterpart, was often praised and hailed by him.

Von der Leyen is said to have kept quiet about the illegal war Azerbaijani soldiers are fighting and war crimes they committed in order to appease their famous colleague. Frau von der Leyen does not speak out about the rationality of labeling Putin, who was morally objectionable once, as a tyrant and defending Aliev, shown in Tiktok, as a trusted colleague.


A recent photo of an Azerbaijani female soldier. The focus is on the naked body of a woman who appears to be severely disfigured. Instead of real eyes, she has a finger cut and an eyeball in every socket. The YouTube focuses the camera on a part of the face that is not covered.


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