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Are you familiar with Brian Szasz? Have you any idea as to why Brian Szasz has become a trending topic? Brian Szasz is the stepson to British billionaire Hamish harding. He became a hot topic among the natives in the United States Canada United Kingdom and Australia. Brian Szasz’s tweet created controversy for everyone.

Brian Szasz asked for prayers after the news of his stepdad’s disappearance went viral. Brian Szasz tweeted something else after a while, which caused social media users to rage. The original tweet is being sought by people desperately looking for the Brian Szasz Tweet. Please read the article in its entirety if you don’t know what this news is about.

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Why were people searching for Brian Szasz’s tweet?

Nearly everyone has heard the news that OceanGate Titan submarine, owned by British billionaire Hamish harding, went missing. Hamish Harding’s stepson Brian Szasz acted horribly when people could not believe the news.

Brian Szasz replied to a OnlyFans model after he had pleaded for prayer for Hamish Harding for thirty minutes. Brea, a model for OnlyFans, posted a picture of herself in a bikini with the caption “Can I sit you?” on Twitter.

People started searching for Brian Szasz Instagram. Brian Szasz retweeted Brea’s post on Twitter with the caption “Yes Please!”. This made people mad and they started stalking Brian Szasz.

Why were people angry with Brian Szasz

Brian Szasz’s retweet of such a tweet was deemed disgusting by millions of social media users. Brian was constantly cursed for this. People were shocked to learn that despite showing sorrow for the absence of his father, a son could do such things online. Brian Szasz’s Twitter has become a popular trend among social media users. They are always looking for more information about Brian Szasz.

What other reasons could there be for everyone to become angry with Brian?

Brian Szasz did attend a Blink-182 show in California. Cardi B, the famous rapper, also criticised Brian Szasz’s decision to attend a concert following such a tragedy. Cardi B wrote on Instagram that Brian Szasz should wait for his phone to ring at home.

You can find Brian’s response to Cardi B by searching for Brian Szasz on Instagram. Brian Szasz called Cardi B “a trashy celeb” and said in his Instagram post that he attended the Blink-182 show to deal with the situation. Brain decided to attend the concert instead of sitting in his home and watching the news. Check out our “Social Media Sites Links section” to see these posts.

Why did people search for Brian Szasz mom ?

Brian Szasz posted his Blink-182 picture on Instagram. Brian Szasz’s Twitter post was not the first controversy that this post had caused. Linda Harding, Brian Szasz’s mother, told Brian to remove the original Instagram post on Blink-182.

But Brian Szasz did not listen to his mom. Brian Szasz continues to be active on social media. There is also a cold-war between Brian Szasz and Cardi B.

Did Brian Szasz commit any crime?

There’s a twist, yes. Recent Google searches show that many people have searched for Brian Szasz’s Stalking. What is the reason people search for Brian Szasz Stalking? We’ll tell you what happened behind this Google search.

In June 2021, Brian Szasz went to prison on the charge of “online sexting.” At that time, Brian Szasz’s lawyer told the court Brian Szasz had been diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at age fifteen. Brian was socially retarded and preferred online friendships.

Los Angeles Times reports that Brian sent threatening tweets towards women. The police discovered that Brian Szasz had targeted Alison Wonderland through some Brian Szasz tweet. Brian wrote that Alison Wonderland’s LA apartment was where he would be.

What became of Brian Szasz’s stepdad?

Since 18th June 2023, Brian Szasz’s stepdad Hamish and four other passengers are missing from the Titan submarine. Hamish Harding went missing while his submarine was on its way to the Titanic wreckage that sank 1912 in order to reach the Titanic’s remains.

Hamish Harding is still missing. He was the husband of Brian Szasz, Mother. Titanic lies 12,500 feet under the surface of the ocean. This place is located around 350 miles from the coast of Newfoundland in Canada. The submarine does not have enough oxygen to live. The United States Coast Guard continues to search for the Titan sub.

Final Thoughts:

Brian Szasz’s Twitter is still available in various social media platforms. You can find the videos on the Internet if you haven’t seen them yet. Brian Szasz is yet to comment on his retweet. Click here to view the latest updates about Brian Szasz, his stepdad.


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