Kristen Schaal and Rich Blomquist are two stars who stand out in American entertainment industry, particularly for their writing and comedic contributions – they make quite the team together! Let us take an in-depth look into this power couple.

Kristen Schaal: An Overview of Her Remarkable Career
Kristen Schaal, born 1978 and living in Virginia Beach, VA is an esteemed American actress, writer, and comedian best known for her voice acting roles on popular animated series such as Bob’s Burgers as Louise Belcher.

Schaal has earned both animation and live-action fame throughout her career; her roles on Flight of the Conchords (Mel) and What We Do In the Shadows (Guide). Amanda Simmons in Hotwives of Orlando as well as 30 Rock, WordGirl, and The Daily Show from 2008 until 2016 demonstrate Schaal’s versatility and talent.

Schaal also voices Sayrna from EA Anthem 2019 video game and has maintained her private life despite her diverse portfolio; during interviews she tends to avoid discussing romantic partnerships.

Rich Blomquist, Kristen Schaal’s talented husband was born in 1977. As well as being her partner, Rich has many talents; including being an award-winning writer, producer, occasional actor and native American. Born and raised in Westbrook Connecticut he graduated in 2000 from Elon University School of Communications North Carolina before starting a long-standing career spanning more than two decades.

Blomquist established himself as one of The Daily Show’s premier writers during various periods, such as 2003 to 2006, 2009 and 2011. Additionally he contributed his writing talents to both Saturday Night Live and The Daily Show.

Blomquist currently writes for Fox Broadcasting Company’s and 20th Century Fox Television’s animated sitcom Bless the Harts.

Kristen and Rich: Marrying Love and Collaboration
Following their marriage in 2012 – which came as quite the pleasant surprise for their fans – Schaal and Blomquist began working closely on both professionally as well as romantic projects; for instance co-authoring The Sexy Book of Sexy Sex published by Chronicle Books in 2010.

As parents-to-be, their daughter Ruby came along in 2018, initiating an exciting and joyous new chapter of life together. Since then, the couple have maintained strong professional and personal ties while supporting one another’s careers and sharing both its joys and its challenges together as parents.

Kristen Schaal and Rich Blomquist share only an age difference of one year; yet their love and respect remain apparent regardless of individual success. Their partnership extends well beyond personal interactions to help each other in professional endeavours as a pair.

Kristen Schaal is an extraordinary individual whose talents perfectly compliment Rich Blomquist’s. Together they have accomplished much in the entertainment business while successfully managing their respective lives – an impressive story which showcases both talent and dedication as well as reaping all the advantages associated with an effective partnership.


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