In this article you will read about Chinese Spy Balloon Reddit.

How can the Pentagon be sure it is a spy ball when the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs claims that it is a civilian project to conduct meteorology research?

You can probably find the answer by analyzing its contents. There are two possible options. One is a weather balloon with temperature sensors. The other option is a reconnaissance device with features like high-resolution cameras and electromagnetic signal detectors. It is not possible to know its origin without physical access.

What is the difference between a satellite and a balloon as a surveillance platform?

Two major disadvantages to using a balloon for a platform are: First, the balloon can’t be controlled and it will only fly through one area. Satellites, on the other hand, travel in orbits that allow them to fly over an area repeatedly. Second, a balloon that is launched from a foreign country and then flies within US airspace could be legally taken down by the US. However, satellites are exempted from this because of international norms which grant universal access to space.

Are there any benefits to a balloon?

If you want to capture high-resolution imagery, you will be able to see the surface from a balloon that is 12 or 15 miles above the ground. A balloon’s higher resolution makes it an attractive option. It’s not a good tool to use as you have little control over the direction of the balloon.

You can see at 50,000 feet or 60,000 feet but not far away. You can’t see Texas if you are 60,000 feet above Montana. But, satellites hundreds of miles away can see much further. Balloons are much closer to the ground than satellites. You can see the Earth’s surface from a balloon’s perspective, even though it is close to the objects you are looking at.

Why doesn’t the Pentagon plan to shoot the balloon down?

They now publicly state that they do not want to harm people or property, despite saying they don’t want to. They said that the balloon was not a threat to information gathering. Even though China has satellites already, they didn’t think the balloon would make a significant impact. They could, I believe, take it down if necessary.

What happens to the balloon if they are not taken down?

These things can come down at many times. They all eventually fall somewhere. It’s not clear where. It could end up somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, but it’s difficult to say without more information.


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