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A tragic event occurred in the capital city of France that affected people around the world. Authorities initially assumed that the explosion was caused by a gas leak. You may not know that the exact cause of an explosion is unknown.

Authorities are trying to find out what caused the explosion. The authorities want to find out if the explosion was caused by the negligence of workers or safety standards. Learn more about the incident by visiting Explosion Review.


The explosion took place on Monday, 21st/June/2023, at 14:55 GMT, at the Paris American Academy located at 277 Rue Saint-Jacques, in central Paris. The street is famous because many literary professionals have lived there over the years. These include authors, musicians, and writers.

This street runs through the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral in the 5th arrondissement. It also passes by Sorbonne University. The street also passes the Val-de-Grace Military Hospital. This area is known as the Latin Quarter, on the Left Bank of the Seine. Paris American Academy is a fashion and design school that’s popular with foreign students.

The Paris Explosion 2023

The sound of explosion was heard from more than 500 metres away. The blast and sound of the explosion were so powerful, they cracked windows and slammed door in multiple buildings. The explosion caused the building to collapse. The adjustment buildings were damaged structurally and shook.

Rescue efforts, casualties and

About 250 to 300 firefighters used 70+ fire trucks to put out the fire. Explosion Review confirms the paramedics were on site for two hours following the explosion and treated those suffering from trauma and injuries. According to reports, 37 people were injured. Four of the injured were in critical condition and were transported to nearby Val-de-Grace Military Hospital. Two people were reported to be mission.

Searching for survivors – HTML0

The rubble was everywhere. Under the rubble, it is possible that there are still people alive. Both mission personnel may be under rubble. Searching for survivors is done by sniffing dogs. Explosion Review determined that the authorities believed they would find survivors in the night of 21st/June/2023, as the rubble was removed.


On the 21st/June/2023, after a normal day at work, employees were preparing to head home. The deputy mayor and authorities confirmed that the gas scent was noticed just before the explosion. The explosion is expected to have been caused by a gas leak. Due to the need for more investigation, the exact cause of this explosion will not be known until a few weeks.

Explosion Review determined the emergency crews are still evacuating those in shock and treating them. The street is also crowded with tourists. The Paris City Government was accused of unintentional murder in the chaos. Investigating the cause continues. Authorities stated that no alarm was set to alert the public of the leak.


Residents of the area were traumatized and shocked. One woman fainted. The people came out from their homes, apartments and other buildings to watch what was happening. Maps and Explosion Review show that most buildings have commercial and retail establishments on the ground floor.

The neighbor who lived next door heard a loud noise and went down to check on her husband. The cash register of a meat shop was covered in dust and debris.

A resident living 500 meters away from the scene believed that an explosion had occurred. She saw a fireball shooting from the building reaching 2 floors and 30+ foot height. Explosion Reviews analyzed this sense of horror. The flames are strong enough to have burned all the materials of the building. The smoke from the building was visible for miles.

A second resident reported that she heard a loud noise that caused buildings to shake and windows to break. Buildings in the area of the incident suffered structural damage. No other building fell. Residents said that firefighters arrived at the scene within minutes of the incident.

Her neighbors knocked on her door and told her that the firefighters had advised all residents in the area to evacuate as quickly as possible. Expulsion Reviews determined that this was an horrific situation. Chaos ensued and people fled the area in shock. Unaware of the situation.

Anne Hidalgo the Mayor of Paris visited to express her sympathy for the victims. Paris American Academy has reported that their students are all safe. Costa-Gavras, a Greek-French filmmaker, said that his house was shook and his first thought was a storm. Many residents believed the shaking was caused by an earthquake.

Location details:

  • DMS Coordinates: 48deg 50′ 29″ N, 2deg 20′ 28″ E
  • Decimal: 48.841389, 2.341111
  • Geo URI: 48.841389.2.341111
  • UTM: 31U 451655 5410033


As of the date of this article, no reports of missing persons or injuries have been updated. No one was saved despite the efforts of the emergency response team and other rescue workers to clear the rubble from the building. Sniffer Dog Squad did not release any new information. The incident was covered by 7,900 tweets. Please remember the victims when you pray.

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