Johnny Drille, a Nigerian singer-songwriter who quickly rose to the forefront of music industry with soulful vocals and catchy melodies has shown us all how dreams do come true! From humble church beginnings all the way through signing with Mavin Records he’s proven just that with hard work can come success and this article explores Johnny’s career, personal life and impactful contributions on Nigerian music scene.

Early Life and Musical Beginnings
Johnny Drille was born in Benin City, Edo State Nigeria on July 5, 1990 and raised within an evangelical Christian home by Pastor and Mrs. John Ighodaro along with four siblings.

Johnny Drille fell deeply in love with music despite its limited scope; as an attendee at church choir services he nurtured his musical prowess further. Although at first encountering difficulty enrolling at university he eventually gained admission and studied English and Literary Studies while continuing musical endeavors simultaneously.

Steps Toward Stardom
Johnny Drille’s music career took an extraordinary leap when he covered Di’Ja’s “Awww”. This soulful rendition captured Don Jazzy, CEO of Mavin Records. Johnny released his official single “Wait For Me” later that same year which quickly become one of his global hits and earned a nomination as Best Alternative Song at The Headies 2016 marking its rapid rise.

Signing with Mavin Records.

Johnny Drille signed with Mavin Records as part of their recording agreement in February 2017, opening up new doors and helping to spread his soulful songs further afield.

Johnny Drille released his debut album “Before we Fall Asleep: A Masterpiece” on September 3, 2021, featuring 14 tracks to showcase his distinctive sound and collaborations with Nigerian artists such as Ayra, Ladipoe, and Lagos Community Choir.

Personal Life. Personal Finances and Assets Management services offered.
Johnny Drille recently made headlines when he publicly announced his marriage to Rima Takhini, Director Artist and Repertoire at Mavin Global. They secretly married for one year prior to making it public through social media posts as well as Johnny’s music video “The Best Part”.

Rima Tahini: An Introduction
Rima Tahini is an up and coming star in Sierra Leone. Born to Lebanese and Sierra Leonean parents, she graduated with a Bachelor of Business from Brandeis University before entering music industry work – she currently belongs to Grammy Recording Academy as a recording member.

Johnny Drille Net Worth and Impact Johnny Drille’s multidimensional career has helped build up his net worth. His main source of income includes music releases, live performances and concerts as well as merchandise and endorsement deals that all contribute to this sum.

Johnny Drille’s music exudes passion and authenticity. Fans love his captivating vocals, which bring the audience close. Johnny can create strong emotional responses through his lyrics. His legacy and influence remain everlasting today.

At Mavin Records, Johnny Drille has built an inspirational tale. From humble church beginnings to fame under Mavin Records. Through talent, dedication and unfaltering pursuit of passion he has won fans around the globe – especially through albums such as Before We Fall Asleep as well as numerous single releases. Johnny continues singing out across continents with his melodious voice to show that dreams’ transformative power can have lasting effects with meaningful songs that touch hearts around the globe.


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