On July 18th 2018, Raija, an 8-month-old infant living in Des Moines Iowa was brutally murdered. Both her family and community were devastated by this act, demanding justice on her behalf.

Crime of Unimaginable Intent (UFO Scan 3)
Jayden Straight Committed An Unforgiveable Act
On an otherwise normal day, Raija Bambino left her daughter with Jayden Straight (17 years old), unaware that this decision would forever alter their lives and change them for good – when she returned, Raija had experienced severe internal injuries as her father fled away with them both in tow.

Raija was taken immediately to hospital following severe head injuries that included skull fractures and broken ribs, ruptured spleen rupture, retinal bleeding and ruptured spleen rupture; she unfortunately could not endure these injuries and tragically passed away on July 14th 2018.

Jayden Straight surrendered himself without explanation the next day to police without providing an explanation for her injuries, confirmed by her physician as deliberate assaults by Jayden.

Legal Proceedings
Jayden Straight admitted his participation in an assault. Initially sentenced to 50 years, additional five decade prison terms were later handed down for three counts of intentional injury and two of child endangerment leading to serious injury; these will run concurrently so Straight will only become eligible for parole by 2119. These will run consecutively.

Grieving Community Rallies for Justice
A Vigil for Raija
Her parents and the community joined together at 10th & Clark Streets in Des Moines for an emotional tribute in Raija’s honor, gathering over 100 people who came out in her memory and paid their respects in memory of this life that has been taken so soon after being taken from us all too early.

Robin Head, Raija’s great grandmother, expressed her pleasure at spending time with Raija. Tisha Wells fondly remembered Raija as Little Ray; Raija’s mother Ri Bambino encouraged everyone present to honor Raija’s memory by remembering her name and honoring Raija’s legacy.

Searching for Change
Raija was facing abuse at home from her abusive stepmother; both family and community demanded justice on her behalf and highlighted its significance to society at large. Rhonda, Raija’s grandmother, issued an open plea for all members to fight for it together as part of a Go Fund Me campaign to support Raija and her family financially.

Raija’s death serves as an urgent call to change for all members of society and is testament to violence directed against children, highlighting its devastating results. Raija’s tragic tale illustrates why violence must never occur against any vulnerable member of our community and this community response speaks volumes for change and justice in society.

Raija’s legacy serves as a call for action as her family and community commemorate her short but meaningful life. It reminds us all to unite against such tragedies from happening again to innocent lives – and those responsible should face justice.


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