Michael Rubin is an esteemed American entrepreneur and co-owner of Philadelphia 76ers who has become one of the world’s foremost figures. Both his business skills as well as personal life have garnered worldwide interest; here we explore Rubin’s family life and relationships in more depth.

Are You Wondering If Michael Rubin Is Married in 2023? Michael Rubin will not be marrying Meegan Rubin again after their 2011 divorce proceedings were concluded, with details surrounding their relationship remaining mostly under wraps to avoid public knowledge about its ending.

Michael and Camille Fishel are parents to two children.

Meegan Rubin Was Married Before
In 2010, Michael Rubin married Meegan Rubin – she had been dancing locally – despite their meeting being unknown and with Kylie having been born during this relationship, it came to an end due to unknown causes in 2011.

Camille Fishel and Their Growing Relationship

Camille Fishel is Michael Rubin’s current significant other; they have been living together for some time and share two children; though not married yet, neither one plans on breaking off their engagement anytime soon.

Camille Fishel has long been recognized for her modelling talent and participation at major fashion events like New York Fashion Week. She walked for GiGi and Wang designs respectively during this event; with Romi born to them two years after that. Two more daughters followed two years after.

Camille and Michael frequently appear with their children – Kylie is Michael’s daughter from his previous relationship to Meegan.

Michael Rubin Is an Adoring Father: Joys of Parenthood
Michael Rubin, known for his undivided dedication and love towards his three children, particularly Kylie who became viral online after receiving an army tank for her 16th birthday present from him as part of an April Fool’s joke he would ensure their safety!

Michael and Camille Fishel have two beautiful daughters named Romi and Gema whom they cherish deeply as parents together. Together they’re enjoying all that comes with parenting together!

Michael Rubin has an extensive record of charitable work both professionally and personally, most notably collaborating with Meek Mill and Kevin Hart to donate $15 Million to 110 schools around Philadelphia area schools.

Michael Rubin is well known for his sports team ownership and business ventures. However, his personal life is equally intriguing; not married but committed to Camille Fishel with two daughters from their relationship; additionally Michael also shares one from Meegan Rubin which makes for an interesting situation when combined. Michael continues his charitable activities alongside his family members.


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