Austin Richard Post Malone, better known by his stage name of Post Malone, is a music icon who also leads an intriguing personal life. Here we give an insider look into Post’s romance life as well as his career and journey towards success as an icon musician.

Who Is Post Malone’s Current Love Interest?
What Is Jamie, Post Malone’s Muse
Since June 2022, Post Malone and Jamie have been engaged and recently welcomed a baby daughter together. Although Post Malone remains well-known as an entertainer and public figure, their private lives remain private; even Jamie remains unknown due to keeping their relationship unnoticed by most.

Post Malone has yet to share any pictures with Jamie via his official Instagram account and fans are becoming curious as they await any indications regarding their relationship.

Post Malone’s Heartwarming Reveals
Post Malone underwent an emotional transformation after sharing news of the birth of his daughter. While speaking openly about some aspects of his private life and expressing how this new chapter had made him happier than ever. Pledge to spread love every day while prioritizing family, friends, and health.

Post Malone: Recollections – Past Connections
Post Malone and MLMA
South Korean rapper and social media influencer MLMA first caused speculation of an impending romance when she posted pictures of Post Malone to Instagram without either party providing confirmation or denial for it.

Ashlen Diaz: Looking Back
Before Post Malone met Jamie, he had been dating Ashlen Diaz; meeting them at a nightclub before appearing together on The Breakfast Club Radio Show to make their relationship public in 2015. Unfortunately, their three year relationship ended abruptly after three years despite appearances together on TBCRS as partners on several shows like Breakfast Club Radio Show or TBCRS radio programs.

Post Malone’s Journey into Music Icon Status
Early Years and Breakthrough
Post Malone began his music career when he was born on 4 July 1995, debuting his single, White Iverson. Following this success, Republic Records offered Stoney an exclusive contract and in 2016, released his debut “Stoney”, with “Congratulations” spending 77 weeks at Billboard Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart!

Post Malone Has Dominated Charts
His second album “Beerbongs & Bentleys” debuted atop Billboard 200’s 2018 chart at number one and broke multiple streaming records; similarly his 2019 record “Hollywood’s Bleeding”. Additionally in June 2022 Post Malone unveiled “Twelve Carat Toothache”, including tracks like “I Like You (A Happier Song)” and “One Right Now.”

Post Malone has sold more than 80 million albums globally and earned nine Grammy nominations and 10 Billboard Music Awards – in addition to three American Music Awards (AMAs) and 10 Billboard Music Awards (BMAs).

Post Malone Is An Enterprising Spirit
Fashion Collaborations And Merchandise
Post Malone has proven himself an astute businessperson by creating his own merchandise line as well as working with fashion brands to craft his unique aesthetic which resonates with his fanbase.

Post Malone has introduced Maison No. 9, his brand of rose wine that has quickly become associated with quality. The wine boasts the taste of success!

Post Malone has achieved unrivalled success thanks to his range of talents. His various accomplishments stand as proof.

Post Malone’s journey enthralls fans as it intertwines love, music and business ventures – audiences can anticipate more captivating melodies and exciting ventures as he gets married and embraces parenthood. And don’t think that Post Malone will stop there; his fifth studio album Austin will be out later in 2023!


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