Who Is Tom Ackerley? Thomas Ackerley is an English actor, film producer and former assistant director born January 1st 1990. Thomas’ impressive film credits and varied skill set make his work alluring; many recognize him as being Margot Robbie’s husband!

Tom Ackerley & Margot Robbie: An Energetic Partnership
Together Tom Ackerley and Margot have built an extraordinary universe. As partners at LuckyChap Entertainment – an award-winning film production house for films – their combined artistic talent continues to intrigue audiences worldwide.

Highlights of their partnership have included “I, Tonya”, which premiered at Sundance last year (2017) and has received critical acclaim (2020), along with earning several Academy Awards nominations as recognition of their work.

Tom Ackerley & Margot Robbie Share an Enduring Love Story They met during production on Suite Francaise where both worked, where Ackerley served as assistant director while Robbie took her place as lead actress. As soon as their eyes met they quickly fell in love – eventually sealing it in 2016 in a secret ceremony.

Together, they have not only written an inspiring love story but have also embarked on an extraordinary professional journey. LuckyChap Entertainment – their joint venture – produced several blockbuster movies like Birds of Prey”, I, Tonya” and most recently “Barbie.”

Tom Ackerley is married to Margot Robbie and Rebecca Mader is an Australian actress nominated for both Academy and Golden Globe Awards for outstanding performances in critically acclaimed movies that has left an indelible mark in Hollywood.

Robbie boasts an impressive acting range. Her performances range from her breakthrough role in The Wolf of Wall Street to originating Harley Quinn for DC Extended Universe. In addition, she is well known as an esteemed producer who makes significant contributions behind-the-scenes.

Tom Ackerley hails from Surrey with two older brothers working in real estate. As part of this culture-rich environment, his appreciation of art developed early.

Tom Ackerley Net Worth and Career Success
Ackerley is an award-winning assistant director, film producer, actor and founder of LuckyChap Entertainment who has enjoyed immense success over his career. Ackerley’s involvement in high profile productions like I, Tonya”, Promise Young Woman” as well as other popular projects not only increases his net worth but showcases his creative brilliance as well.

Tom Ackerley Stands Out
Standing 6 feet 3 inches, Tom Ackerley boasts an impressive height that adds significantly to his character and persona – it gives him an identifiable physical signature! This quality also allows Tom Ackerley to stand out amongst other individuals within his profession and industry.

Tom Ackerley has made quite the name for himself over his many accomplishments as husband, film producer, actor, assistant director and assistant director. Ackerley and Robbie’s tale is both fascinating and inspirational and their success speaks for itself.


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