Kelly Cobiella is an American journalist who has contributed her expertise to ABC, CBS and NBC News over her career and life span. This profile offers us insight into Kelly’s professional and personal journey.

Kelly Cobiella was born in Frankfurt and spent her early years living with her family in Denver after moving there from Germany at just eighteen months. While Cobiella does not provide details on her childhood or parents, one can assume it was positive experience for both.

Cobiella boasts both an exceptional academic background and impressive professional experience. She earned a BA degree in International Affairs and Relations at University of Wisconsin Madison from 1989-1993 and established an early interest in global affairs journalism.

Cobiella has already demonstrated her exceptional journalistic talent through her tenure at NBC News as London Correspondent where she received praise for covering high profile events with diligence.

Cobiella had distinguished roles at CBS, ABC and NBC News prior to joining CNN in 2010. She won an Emmy as co-anchor alongside Katie Couric for CBS Evening News; an accomplishment which can make her proud today.

Cobiella boasts an accomplished career in broadcast journalism. Additionally, she enjoys yoga as well as sailing – long held ambitions that she describes herself as ex-pat living currently in London.

Cobiella maintains an online presence through numerous platforms including Instagram and Twitter, using these accounts frequently to share updates about her life and work.

Personal Life and Family
Kelly Cobiella prefers to maintain the privacy of both herself and her family. Although the couple remains silent about their marriage to British national Neil Summerside it has long been documented; their ceremony took place in Miami on April 29, 2011.

Will, their elder son, is often featured in her online glimpses into her private life; while their younger son’s name remains hidden.

Cobiella always puts family first despite her busy career life. Together they enjoy vacations together and quality time; her loving family provides the foundation of success in her endeavors.

Kelly Cobiella has built up an outstanding career over several decades as one of the premier journalists. Although Kelly’s exact net worth remains undetermined, evidence from her tenure with CBS News, ABC News, and NBC News indicates her longevity.


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