Larry Nassar recently engaged in an altercation at United States Penitiary Coleman in Sumterville, Florida with another inmate at this facility, the USPCC in Florida. Nassar is serving multiple prison terms for sexually abusing young gymnasts while employed with USA Gymnastics as physician.

On July 9, 2023, Nassar sustained multiple stab wounds from two sharp objects – six wounds in his chest area, as well as two each for neck and back wounds – received from unknown attackers. Although suffering a collapsed lung condition the next day, Nassar was otherwise in stable condition at that time.

Larry Gerard Nassar was an osteopathic doctor and team physician for 18 years for the United States Women’s National Gymnastics Team; during that time he gained notoriety for abusing young female gymnasts under his care.

In 2017, Nassar plead guilty to child exploitation and tampering of evidence, receiving a 60 year federal prison term. For subsequent convictions of sexual assaults ranging from 40-175 for federal prison sentences and 120-125 years for Michigan state prison. All sentences run concurrently so Nassar will likely spend his lifetime behind bars.

Larry Nassar currently resides at Florida’s Federal Correctional Complex Coleman near Sumterville and was recently involved in another stabbing incident while serving his time there, further underscoring challenges and security risks facing prison systems today. Due to staff shortages at Coleman prison employees are forced to work extra shifts compromising security measures.

Nassar remains in good health and continues serving his sentence despite the violent altercation.

Nassar’s Finances – What We Know
Larry Nassar received annual compensation of $100,000 from Michigan State University Department of Family and Community Medicine while holding lucrative sports medicine roles prior to being arrested and imprisoned, in addition to receiving lucrative contracts and salaries as a professorship salary.

As far as his net worth goes, it remains uncertain. Any remaining funds could have been put toward legal costs, victim compensation payments or other expenses; or maybe used by Nassar while still imprisoned and used to generate income and build wealth.

Family Life
Stephanie Nassar, Nassar’s ex-wife, remains in Lansing Michigan following his scandal and was awarded sole custody of their three children following their separation and subsequent divorce in 2017.

Stephanie stays out of public life to focus on her family and career, instead of attending any public hearings involving Nassar due to his criminal activities; this served as an indicator that Stephanie did not intend for herself or her children to associate themselves further with events associated with Nassar’s criminality.

Nassar’s victims and families continue to deal with the impact of his crimes as he serves a life sentence in prison. Safety issues within prison systems – which led directly to Nassar’s assault – remain major sources of concern; they illustrate the difficulties associated with managing high-risk prisoners.


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