Zuri Hall was born June 2 in Toledo Ohio and developed an interest for radio and television early on, prompting her to pursue journalism as her dream profession. Furthermore, Zuri credits the strong values her hometown instilled within her.

Academic Pursuits
Hall attended Ohio University where she could hone her broadcasting abilities. Hall found Ohio U to be an ideal learning and application environment with various student media outlets to utilize her knowledge in.

Zuri Hall began her television career at an affiliate of Fox in Minneapolis-St Paul. There she made waves with her charismatic personality and tireless devotion.

Ascending the Ladder Hall launched her career at Dayton, Ohio’s WDTN news station as reporter and anchor in 2011 where she could showcase her expertise on camera while positioning herself for greater opportunities in future employment roles.

Hall’s big break came when she joined American Ninja Warrior as cohost in 2015 – quickly becoming fan favorites with her engaging personality and approach to interviewing.

Emmy Award Winning Host
Hall’s performance on “American Ninja Warrior”, the show she hosted, was critically lauded. As such, Hall was honored with an Emmy award recognizing her remarkable hosting work; this distinguished accolade marked a turning point in Hall’s career, solidifying her status as an emerging star within television production.

Expanding Horizons Producer and Advocate
Zuri Hall Has Grown into an Influential Force
Zuri Hall soon made waves within her career by diversifying into production, becoming an established creative power behind-the-scenes alongside being known for her acting work onscreen. Zuri has collaborated on an assortment of projects and established herself not only as an onscreen star but also an adept creator behind-the-scenes.

Zuri Hall uses her platform as a voice for change. While some celebrities may shy away from taking stands on sensitive issues, Zuri has spoken up and spoken out for social justice while engaging in meaningful conversations regarding such subjects as racism, homophobia and more.

Zuri Hall’s Net Worth:

What Next? Zuri Hall is set to amass an estimated net worth of $5 Million by 2023 thanks to her journey as an Emmy award-winning TV producer and host who went from local reporter to being one. It represents the American dream at work.

Zuri Hall has not taken her foot off of the gas since her appointment as host for Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks Spectacular, showing just what hard work and passion can accomplish. People all around are eagerly waiting to witness what this incredible talent accomplishes next!


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