Darrel Janz is an iconic face in Canadian television news. A symbol of reliability and integrity when reporting, his dedication has made him invaluable to CTV News – not to mention their viewers!

At Altona (Manitoba), Darrel Janz began his broadcasting career with great promise in 1962 at CFAM Radio, showing both promising skills and his love of journalism.

Journey Through Canada
Darrel Janz developed his talents further during radio and TV engagements between Moose Jaw and Saskatoon from 1963-1973; these engagements would ultimately define Darrel’s career trajectory.

CTV News’ Legacy: 50 years Darrel Janz’s 50 year association with CTV News became iconic to its success and had an immense effect on both its viewers and network alike. His contributions were immeasurable; their value cannot be overstated.

Janz’s retirement announcement evoked mixed responses. Most viewers were sad to see him go, given his unwavering commitment, credibility and warm presence had become fan favorites over time. Social media quickly filled up with messages of respect for what he had achieved through his career path.

Darrel Janz: His Mysterious Marital Life While Darrel J.’s professional life may be well known and accessible to his colleagues and associates, his private life remains shrouded with secrecy and mystery. Janz has not discussed publicly what may or may not have transpired within their marriage; preferring instead to keep this information hidden away from public scrutiny.

Darrel Janz: Reimagining Retirement
Legacy Makers: Exploring A New Path
Janz has not left his TV screens entirely since leaving CTV News behind; in partnership with Jacqueline Clements he ventured into an entirely different field: Legacy Makers’ inspirational talk show format allows audiences to experience his charismatic presence in an entirely unique manner.

Darrel Janz: Remainder of an Indelible Impression.
Darrel J. Janz is an award-winning Canadian broadcaster renowned for over five decades, hosting Calgary’s CTV Calgary “Inspired”. While much remains confidential about Janz personally and professional achievements are widely known about, his popularity with viewers speaks for itself and remains testimony of his formidable status within broadcasting industry.


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